Can we maybe at least get some sort of input as to what’s next for the franchise?

I mean anything . Literally any input from someone in the know as to whether there will be a second KI game coming out , or if the series will die for ages again. I mean it would be really cool to at least get a hint or some word of ANY kind at all.


Honestly I’m kinda hoping for a Switch port myself.


I would be totally down for that aside from being slightly bummed out that Xbox will have lost another one of its few big remaining exclusives. But yeah that would be cool . I’m just dying to know if they’re really gonna hang it up again. I have no idea how much ki 2013 has sold between Xbox and pc versions but I’m pretty sure it was very successful . They need to keep the momentum going and announce a second game . People would lose their minds I guarantee it

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It would be really cool. But I’m not expecting boring updates on this forum to be the way we hear about a new KI or any plans for the current game.

I think there’s about a 0% chance anything happens with the currrent game (a switch port seems unlikely but is more likely than any new content), and I would put the odds of a new KI in development at no better than 50/50. As time moves on its increasingly unlikely it would be released on current gen platforms so if we get an announcement it will likely be associated with the next Xbox. That’s not my preference, but that’s my jones assessment of reality.

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I wouldn’t put it past them myself. With all the stuff MS has been doing with porting over Cuphead, and what looks like in the near future having X-cloud/gamepass on the switch as well, I personally would think sending over and possibly heavily marketing stuff like KI and Rare Replay coming back to a Nintendo platform would make a HUGE splash for die-hard Nintendo fans.

Yeah we can talk about X-Cloud/GamePass some other time. CupHead is for sure a good sign but we haven’t seen and true MS games on Nintendo. I will be interested to see how MKX turns out. But frankly it’s an Unreal engine 3 (heavily modified) game and will be easier to port than KI - which runs on a proprietary engine and has no one to support it. I think Rare Replay would be a much more sensible port quite frankly. But we will see.


Yeah that sounds like the most likely outcome. A new ki for the next Xbox would be fantastic news. Hell the ki announcement in 2013 is what Made me change my PS4 preorder to an Xbox one at the last minute. I sure as hell miss the heyday of seasons 1-3 reveals and all that hype and energy. Honestly some of the best memories and best times of my life during that period lol.


I doubt they would say anything if KI4 was in the works right here on the forum before something like E3. I am assuming that the next Xbox will have KI4, maybe even Xbox One and the next Xbox will play it. After all, KI needs players more than anything to survive.

I think KI2013 did well enough to warrant a sequel. It would be strange if they did not. I also see Iron Galaxy beefing up their team, so that could be an indication of projects (KI4) needing resources.

I don’t even remember . Was iron galaxy one of those studios that Microsoft acquired recently ? That they talked about at E3 last year or whatever.

I don’t believe it was ever announced that MS acquired Iron Galaxy. It doesn’t mean they weren’t contracted to make KI4. They could be elbow-deep into development right now. Whatever the case, we’ll know when they announce something.

Definitely not.

It could, but there are lots of other reasons including that the high level of competence they showed in producing KI has led them to a lot more work.

I have less than no idea about whether or not KI 2013 was a financial success. I really wouldn’t even hazard a guess. But I agree that it would be strange for MS not to make another one. But with all due respect to the devs at MS, I am not confident that I can predict with any confidence what MS might do. They are all over the map as far as I can tell and I have a hard time finding any rhyme or reason I’m the different thimgsthey do.

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Considering Extinction, I wouldn’t see a lot of confidence approaching other projects. Though, that’d be the only argument I’d be capable of making for the team’s recent rising employment.

Xbox does not really have a solid exclusive fighting game, assuming they are still competing in that genre (after KI, it seems as if they are not interested, considering the acquisition of non-fighting game studios).

Who knows… but I’m mostly doubtful.

Its a shame we don’t even have some kind of tease or rumor at this point. The game ran for 5 solid years and it could still be argued that it has a solid playerbase. Offline, it probably didn’t do as well as MS may have hoped but they built an amazing online structure that kept people coming back. They also claimed over 6 million users played/purchased the game at some point, I think that’s a number worthy enough to warrant a sequel. I guess we may have to wait until the last minute for some proper news, the silence sucks but its just slightly better than outright saying the franchise is dead.

Bottom line probably is, Stay Tuned™


Yep lol gotta love the ol “ stay tuned “

Solid playerbase for sure. I’ve taken several months-long breaks in the past year and a half or so, and every time I booted up the game it took n0 time to find a match. Not many online games as old as KI is now can say that.


Actually, I think the game did way better than MS expected offline and I don’t think the offline tournament scene was ever really a big focus for them. Hence the sporadic, disorganized support for offline events. Imagine if they had actually set up something like Capcom Cup?


You may have a point there, maybe they weren’t quite ready to support a tour scene. I hope they do learn from the experience and setup something like Capcom Cup for the next game if there is one.

Yeah it might seem a bit harsh, but an April, 2018 article in Forbes called the Xbox One a “lost generation of Xbox IP.”

I mean, it’s kinda crazy, but when you look at the list of all of MS’ Xbox IPs and then look at which of them actually had games come out this generation, the list seems rather small. As far as the list of games that seem to be cultivated as possible franchises to appear on the next generation? That list seems even smaller, as some of these titles (Crimson Dragon, Crackdown 3, Ryse and ReCore among others) landed with a bit of a thud.

That’s not to say they can’t try again with them, but my whole point here is that if MS is going to take the mantle back from Sony in the coming generation, they need the games, and given how many studios they now have, it seems clear that they’re making games substantial priority.

If that’s the case, why would you leave out any series that’s come out in the last generation that actually performed well (I would think) and was of a higher quality than a lot of stuff you came out with this gen?

I would have to think that they’d want to bring Halo, Gears, Forza Horizon, Killer Instinct, Ori, Sea of Thieves and State of Decay to next gen as a sort of core group to build around with a combination of new IPs and new iterations on prior successes, such as Fable, Crimson Skies, MechAssault, Lost Odyssey, Kameo, Perfect Dark, Banjo, etc.

I’d hope that MS would build on their successes from this generation, so it honestly seems crazy to me that they wouldn’t at least attempt another Killer Instinct.

For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure MS wants to make a new KI. Between the 4-5 years of enough success to apparently justify new content throughout, the clear fondness for the series the developers had, and the survey they sent out near the end of its lifespan, a sequel makes sense in every way.

Problem is MS wants to play their cards to close to their chests now, and they’ll be launching their next-gen console within the next couple years. It sucks but we won’t be hearing anything until then.

More than likely there is a new game in the works. It likely won’t launch until the next console does however.

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