Can we know if Eyedol is in Season 3 or not?

All fighters this season are “new” to this game, so speculation can run wild about who we’re getting. I’ve said this elsewhere and its been mentioned earlier. With Gargos coming as early as May, I feel like there wouldn’t be reason to add new characters after him. Unless Story Mode (or Shadow Lords if that is this season’s story mode) comes around or right after the last character, I don’t see why they would hold it off.

I’d really like it not to be eyedol, because I hated him on the snes for being cheap as hell, and after playing KI1 arcade the other day, realising he RESTORED HEALTH! its like he was programmed with code thats just

if spam health
go mess the player up

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Eyedol doin the healiiiiing, ala Elena :slight_smile:

Lord Gargos, let me do it one more time: IF Eyedol is going to be on this game he doesn’t have to be ANYTHING like he was back in KI1. There’s one thing callled REDESIGN, like every character in this game. Did Jago heal life back in KI1? No he didn’t but he does now. What is that called? Redesign. Gargos resembles very little of what he was back in KI2, so Eyedol will have the same treatment. People need to stop using what Eyedol WAS back in the past as an excuse for not wanting him TODAY.


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i would prefer a New Character over Eyedol. i don’t think he is really needed.

though really i would have preferred 2 new characters and have Gargos as a non-playable boss.

for some reason i always prefer it when the boss is not a playable character. makes the boss feel more special, plus he can be OP that way too

EYEDOL WOOOOOOO! Must be in if they’re revealing Gargos already. I remember MS said Eyedol would require a lot more design work than Gargos.

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Please please please let one of the characters be Eyedol! I really want him back!


If eyedol was so well loved, so important…why didn’t he come back earlier? Or at least make a reference? Why didn’t the players ask for him? Why wasn’t there some kind of funding “we want eyedol back!”

Yet…not a single scrap of information has been told about his appearance. He’s a thing of the past…let him stay in the past. Somethings are better left buried.

Spawn Spawn Spawn Spawn Spawn


I sure hope Eyedol is the final character, having all originals but him would freaking suck.

Season one was bringing back the bare essentials of the cast, ie: Jago, Orchid, Fulgore, etc.
Season two set up the playing field for the major plot and brought back the most wanted: TJ, Cinder, Riptor, as well as bringing in some well needed fresh blood.
Season three is the big showdown, The big bad is coming to town and the world is being torn apart by inter-dimensional portals.

You tell me which season Eyedol would fit best into. Yeah, he isn’t the most requested character because he is a boss and had cheap moves in a 20 year old game and that somehow hampers everybody’s imagination that Eyedol is and only will be that. He still does have a sizable fan base.

The community has brainstormed numerous new playstyles and looks for him that would not only work, but be better than the way he was in the old games, and the fact that IG was actually discussing this with us back during the old season two forums shows that they most likely won’t leave him behind.


Hmmmm I have my doubts. They could have easily put him into S2 and changed the whole story. Make ultra tech the evil coporation again, eyedol is the boss of S2 instead of ARIA (So ARIA wouldn’t exist here) and then with S3 still goes as it does now. Except ultratech is no more as is eyedol and now gargos must be faced by the good guys.


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I think they can give him a really badass style. Having two heads is the best excuse for having a chance stance character, switching between an irate rushdown gameplay into a more calmed counter and zoning gameplan. Just make one head “sleep”. Of course, if he is nearly as tall as Aganos with a ■■■■■■■ giant club and some grappling abilities just to make it a lot more scary… I can see it as Gen (switch styles), Hugo (Big grappler) and Gouken (zoning mixed with counters) mix. Come on. That can be awesome. Eyedol has potential, but not the original eyedol, a reimagined Eyedol.

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Eyedol is needed. Every other character and their fans got a chance to see their favorite characters re-imagined in this new game, Eyedol and his fans deserve the same IMO.


Fair enough, they could have thrown in Eyedol instead of Aria if they wanted to make Ultratech the stereotypical “Evil corporation for the sake of being evil”. Only problem is that is a ■■■■■■ TV trope that doesn’t exist in the real world because Corporations aren’t evil just 'cause. Ultratech has goals and products that need to be carried out. Having Aria works much better for the story and makes it much more believable for UT to be the “the bad guys” because Aria wants things done efficiently but not always the most humane way.

In my opinion, season 3 is Eyedol’s time to shine. Even back in the old days, Ultratech pulled Eyedol out of a portal from the astral plane, which is where gargos is coming from now. So with all these portals opening up during Gargos’s invasion, whos to say that Eyedol won’t try to crawl out and finish his ancient feud with Gargos and try to claim the world as his own?

You’ve made it clear you don’t want see him show up, and I respect that. I just hope you open your mind to the other possibilities, as him showing up is far from the worst decision that could be made with this game.

You know, there’s always the possibility that he’s NOT in Season 3 and he’ll be in Season 4 if that happens.

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I’m actually shocked that so many people want Eyedol. He is a dumb character. I really only want new original characters. But if so many people want eyedol, I think MS should have a big poll about what to do a community fund on and eyedol can be on the list.