Can we know if Eyedol is in Season 3 or not?

Is it okay if IG and MS can say now or do we have to wait until July?


The fact that they have already revealed Gargos this early kind of has me thinking Eyedol still stands a chance.


We have two slots left and I’m thinking that those are both original designs, one guest and one new commer so I think only if he’s a bonus. I’m kinda shocked because I was adamant Gargos would be the 8th character. The 9th if we get one will probably be a shadow IMO.

kim, tusk, rash, arbiter, mira, gargos and…“him” (still not pumped about that). So that leaves one slot left. And the trailer said 1 new character…and eyedol isn’t new. Right off the bat that’s 6-7 characters (if you count him as the 7th). And they said 2 new character one in june and one in july. One of which will be “him” and the other…well as they said…new.

It doesn’t look like it I agree, Adam has given numerous hints about him not being in Season 3 but there’s one thing he hasn’t given…Certainty.

Well unless eyedol is the 9th character of the season, that could be false advertisement and lead to dumb legal stuff.

They also said 8 new characters towards the end of the trailer. So, to me, that means new to “this” particular game. Not new as in concept. Eyedol is still on the plate until we know for sure.


Eyedol’s off my plate.

I’m not arguing about that. I’m just saying their wording was consistent regarding 8 new characters over the course of season 3, and the statement regarding the unknown characters.

The 8 characters are kim, tusk , rash, arbiter, gargos, mira, him, and the new one. That would mean there’s 14 characters in season 3 altogether…which is almost S1 and S2 combined. Yet it costs $20 (combo breaker pack)? Sounds like a good deal but doesn’t make sense.

8 total new characters (new to this game not the series)

2 unknown new characters (not specified)

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Yes, but new also means shiny new never before seen character. IG is using the word new in two ways.

“New” characters .kim wu, tusk.

New characters coming in june and july.

And from a story perspective…eyedol is below gargos. Why have someone like eyedol appear AFTER gargos? Ultratech doesn’t need him since they have much stronger warriors now (ARIA, fulgore etc). Gargos was also referenced throughout S1 and S2 numerous times, while eyedol got nothing not even the tiniest bread crumb hint or anything.

There is a 99.9% chance eyedol is not the last “new” character.

Here’s the thing, the wording is consistent. 8 new and 2 new. Until we know, we don’t know. That is my argument. You may have a feeling toward this one way or another, and I’m not saying that feeling is invalid.

I’m saying, Eyedol still has a chance. However slight that chance may be, it’s still a chance. That’s it.


Which my prediction models show a 0.1% chance.

I hope not. worst character in KI historie


I’m fine with no Eyedol. Not going to spoil it for me but I think it is unfair to the small minority to exclude him in S3 who are fans of him.

I don’t think it’s Eyedol but want certainty. I will say we probably will get at least 1 more new character this Season, maybe Eagle is the final character?

Oh no…it’s jago’s father…jacob…

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That means she will have “good” shadow…that better not be true…in any way shape or form. Just have it a gargos minion.