Can we have KI gamer pictures?

I have the ask in, but everyone’s busy on GDC stuff right now. I’ll ping them next week.


Keep doing God’s work my boy.


@TempusChaoti Has any progress been made on this topic?


also wondering about this

Any news about this?

I keep running into the guy I talked to and he’s been busy with GDC, Build, etc.

I’ll poke him again today.


What does GDC mean?

Thanks for checking…this would be really great! the Upload editor idea is cool too! I had never looked at all the templates before until yesterday…man there are a lot of Xbox games to choose form…except KI. To me that would be even better to have templates for videos!
(Ive bee using Sunset Overdrive and I’ve never even played that game! lol)

From my understanding, it’s a yearly convention where game developers meet up to discuss stuff like marketing/IPs/projects, and run an award ceremony for the last year’s releases.

I may be off a little bit, so others may need to correct me!

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I’d like to see some avatar items too. I didn’t really want avatars to be a thing again, but now that they are we could definitely make use of them.

Plus the gamerpic maker lets you do some fun stuff now, as you can see from my own picture.
I just wish the avatar editor wasn’t more prone to crashing than George Michael.

You are correct for the most part. Its kind of like an E3 but also has conferences/panels that teach you about a certain games processes, new tech, etc etc. Its more about the creative and creating side of computer graphics and gaming than just marketing a product (however there is alot of that there as well). They also display new projects coming out or being worked on as well as looking for investors in starting up their projects.

I went last year. Its a beautiful and enlightening experience.

Can anyone go to GDC? Or only Devs, Press & VIP?

Any update about this?

Thanks in advance ^^

It’s rolling along! We need to decide on style/presentation, but it looks like things will move forwards – I don’t have an ETA yet, though.


Thats great news!!!

I really appreciate the update!

It would be nice to have one pic per character ^^ Can you tell us any other detail, for small may be? Like estimated number of pics or something like that? Thank you!

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Hoping for a sweet Jago picture.

It’s a very minor request for us to have put forward, but I’m sure the vast majority of the KI community are thankful for the fact that the team would listen to, consider, and now work towards making it happen.

We really do appreciate the work both teams put into the game FOR US, even if we may not always show it.



You are awesome guys, we really appreciate your work

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You are the man Mr. Isgreen. Thank you for all your efforts!

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This is awesome, I’ll greatly look forward to this :smiley: