Can we get a player level increase from 50 to 100 (or close)

I was thinking you know it is kind of disappointing playing ranked or other modes with a level 50 character and seeing all the XP just go to waste. I know there are new characters coming but I have been playing since yesterday with the VIP XP and notice how easy it is to get to level 50 with a single character.

It would be nice to raise the level cap for profiles with S3 as it will keep me more motivated to play/grind in the long run. There doesn’t necessarily need to be more profile taunts or pictures just a raised level and bar just for a little visual motivation. This would also set apart a lot of new players and motivate them more to stick around and play if they cannot achieve Killer or other stuff.

I do not know how easy or difficult this would be to implement but just wanted to pass it by @TempusChaoti @TheKeits @rukizzel if it was a possibility in the near future.

EDIT: for those hard of reading and who do not speak english as their first language this is not about individual character levels where you unlock accessories this is about your overall PROFILE level. The thing below your name not the one which is character specific.


You’re not the 1st to person to be asking for this. Numerous people have asked for this kind of thing ever since the game released. Back in S1, the characters only went to lvl. 30, so the fans asked for more. The devs conceded, but then the fans complained about it being too hard and taking too long to get there, so the devs made it a little easier and later on added double XP bonuses (which in itself was in the wind for a very long time). It’s stayed that way ever since.

And for the record, I agree with you - I want more levels too. I just think there should be more added to it. I don’t just want to see my character or player level go up over time. I actually want to get something with it - new profile cards, taunts, and emblems, new character colors and accessories, new art (perhaps very popular fan art if they’ve exhausted their concept art?), and maybe even some new stuff too - like in-game character taunts that you can choose from ala the SF series. I think doing that would be pretty cool and reward those of us who continue to dedicate ourselves to certain characters and/or the game as a whole. I think that, more than anything, will certainly keep us not only playing, but interested. :slight_smile:

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Smh… people never cease to stupify me.

I want those things too but only said wasn’t necessary because I do not know the time and resources it would take to not just up the levels but add rewards. Personally, I do not even use anything I got from leveling my profile I prefer(like majority of players I have seen) to use character specific profile taunts and what not but that could change.

Regarding in game character taunts, I think if they implemented that it would be something you buy with KI Gold but who knows?

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It and itself is just a trivial grind. Nothing to show for it. Would rather they just keep it at 50. Or the very least have it say “MAX”.

Cool beans, some people enjoy that “trivial grind”.

I think it going from lv 99 to MAX is a good idea though instead of 100.

And not everyone gets to be pleased. Plus you are still getting exp and putting it to use.

If there’s really nothing to unlock for adding 50 new levels, which there is potential to add new things but I doubt new accessories are coming for the existing characters, then I don’t really see it happening. At that point, it’s just an arbitrary number not representative of skill but of how long you’ve used that character. If you’ve used every character to a point where you can reach this mythic level 100, congratulations but just like reaching level 50, especially with all the xp boosts in place, it honestly means little.

I just don’t see why, and what happens after hitting level 100, raise the cap to 200?

You know, maybe people have better things to do than to grind games all the time? Personally, grinding to me is a tactic game developers use to artificially increase the longevity of the game by giving such ridiculous goals to achieve which still mean little upon achievement, since they are usually time based and not skill based. But I’ve seen bad games use grinds to justify putting up with poor game design to acquire extra play time, it’s a cheap trick.

Am I going to be upset over this change if it did happen…not in the least. I only have level 50 on a few characters, Jago, Shadow Jago, Thunder, Cinder, Hisako’s getting close and so is Omen. Even if they added an incentive to the level system challenging me to do so, I wouldn’t. I’ve played enough grindy games in my life I’m honestly tired of this overused cheap tactic. It gets even worse when it’s tied to a microtransaction system, but that’s another argument for a whole different day, but I’m looking at you HALO 5. Gears of War 3 was the best multiplayer I’ve played, and I have a lot of time logged on it, but I never attempted the Seriously 3.0 and never will. Point is, I may not care, but I’m thinking it’s probably only going to cheese off more people than it’s going to give good reason to play. There should be more to any game than a grind.

I believe in incentive, and giving long run goals to give players that are worth it, but I don’t like grinds. Can’t stand em. I think fighting games are probably poised to be one of the few types of games out there that are capable of long term player attention without introducing a grind. I think the system in place is good. Not perfect, but it works, and it’s obtainable, and realistic for those dedicated enough.

You really wrote a wall of text for a simple suggestion? Wow but okay I will just touch a couple points since I do not want to read it all.

This is about profile levels not individal character levels. Your Orchid could be lv 50 but your profile as a whole would continue grow no matter if you used one or many different characters.

Obviously not to you since you wrote such a passionate piece disecting a simple suggestion. It is not supposed to mean but except as I said a visual thing for motivation. It doesn’t motivate you well then okay I don’t see the problem.

Great, so do I, your point? This isn’t grinding for accessories or anything this is just a profile indicator. You do not even need to grind as this is always going up no matter what you can grind it out in a short time for some reason or just do it over the course of the season.

You obviously confused this with character levels as evident with this comment

So I am just going to stop here since this isn’t even on topic technically.

Wall of text or not, I like to give logic to my argument, something not everyone seems to do. I’m sorry if it’s a strain to read, but I’m not going to blurt something out and have it accepted “because I said so.” I’m not Stone Cold Steve Austin. I like a good argument stated in reasoning and logic, not raw gut that should be blindly accepted and tolerated without question. I hold myself to the same standard I expect of anyone here.

Fair enough, yes character levels not in question but player levels as a whole. There’s still not much of a difference, so a number of things I said are still valid. Your player level, like your character level, is STILL a representation of time and not skill. So you put in time to reach level 100, which by the way, XP boosters do affect, which as end match XP applications award both the player rank and character rank the same XP award. With no new incentives, WHAT’S THE POINT? It is still an arbitrary number, maxing out like any character level. Little difference if any at all.

No, it really doesn’t, which is why I stated what I did about my character levels. I only got about 4 of them to level 50 because I just don’t care about using any one other than those 6, and while I like Hisako and Omen, they aren’t characters I care to main. I don’t care if my Fulgore sits at level 12, I don’t use him much, and I just don’t care. The same rational argument could go with the player level.

By the way, it’s easy enough to confuse when you said yourself, personally in the first post, and I quote:

Glad you eventually added that EDIT at the end of that post though. But I do believe you added that before I finished posting my reply.

I don’t care about the level system. I think it’s fair as it is, and that’s me stating my opinion. If they change it, there should be incentive as to why other than, “it makes a good grind”, which is the conclusion I’m drawing from opening arguments. Not those words exactly, but it’s the main point I’m seeing. To me, GRINDS in video games are often an unrealistic, substandard method of attracting longevity, and I think personally KI is better than that.

Feel free to disagree if you want, I’m only adding another viewpoint to the conversation.

Not going to read all this also, glanced through it and to me it is irrelevant but hey freedom of speech right?

Saw the last quote of mine you took out of context but okay, I don’t care enough about this to write as much as you do as it is obvious you have more time on your hands than mine.

Point being this is profile levels not characters levels. Opinion we all get them. Toodles.

Dude, if you don’t care to take criticism and can’t be bothered when people take them time to talk to you intelligibly, then you don’t need to post, plain and simple.

My point will simply be: I don’t believe there is much difference between the character and profile levels, and the same standard of grinding philosophy could be applied to both.

Going to continue to ignore the blatant instigation of an argument of all your post and say I did not argue of any criticism but just point out the fact that you wrote multiple paragraphs without even realizing that I was not talking about character levels.

If you were answering “intelligently” you would have realized what I was talking about in the first place which is why I am not bothering to read your ranting. Done yet?

Never argued whether your point contained logic or not just pointed out the misunderstanding while even now you continue ranting.

Pot. Kettle. Black. You know how the saying goes.

If you are going to continue arguing on the thread I am going to have to just flag your comments. If you are so hell bent on arguing PM me so i can ignore you there instead of you just bumping a thread with your ranting.

You should be able to level up till 50 multiple times and get some visualisation on how many times you did it. My riptor would be 10x50 for sure.

Multiple times? That would take forever for all characters and if there was a visual indication I would want to get them all maxed, the next KI game would be out before I did that I think :smile:

I do like the idea for a visual indication for achieving something with a character.

1,000 ranked wins?
X number of win streak with that character on ranked?

Maybe like an aura around the character and the name being changed to “Killer Riptor” in the Vs screen or something.

Like a prestige system? Like Call of Duty?[quote=“GodtierMacho, post:19, topic:6816”]
1,000 ranked wins?X number of win streak with that character on ranked?

If you think that’s bad, you ought to have seen the Season 1 achievement requirements. 2000 wins per character for an achievement instead of 200. They changed that at the start of season 2, but I remember reading on the Double Helix forums that there were people who actually got them, with almost all 8 characters. I pretty much said I wasn’t even gonna try at that point.

2,000 matches doesn’t seem as bad as 2,000 ranked WINS. I would hate that because no way would I want to train enough with KanRa and Aganos to take them into ranked and play that much. Now that is some crazy stuff lol.

I am glad they changed it.

Sorry, I didn’t clarify. Yes 2000 ranked wins, not matches. They made a LOT of changes to the achievements at the start of season 2.

Oh ■■■■, was that really an achievement? ■■■■■ that. I was confused though because you said.

There is no achievement in S2 for 200 wins only doing 200 matches with a character. There is however an achievement for 20 ranked wins per character.

EDIT: Dang, I am never surprised at the words that are filtered on this site sometimes lol.