Can we get a player level increase from 50 to 100 (or close)

I agree. There’s gotta be something with XP for players who have already leveled up to the cap. A higher level cap also possibly comes with the implication of more unlockables, which I am all for.

I think this should extend to character levels, too.

Couldnt agree more…I just dont understand why it stops…it should never stop

Actually, you know what I thought of that might be a better idea? Max level is 50 but the next level instead of 51 would be 1 again but you get a new profile border. You know the thing that contains your emblem, taunt, background and all that. The profile border is the only thing you cannot change so it would make more sense. Everytime you get to level 50 you get a new border pretty much like prestiging.

What you think?

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I think it should be like MKX…new borders, colors, maybe swap out borders and art that have different perks. Some could have 2x XP, some could have KI gold boost, hell I dont know.

I just want it to reflect how long you been playing and your skill level to some degree.

If i see someone in MKX with a level 82…I know they are going to be good…not doubt compared to someone with a level 18


I have also asked for a ranking system that goes beyond the ordinary and also adds additional rankings via resetting.

I mean, a great deal of people have already reached the max level (50) so why not make it refreshing and increase the levels and if people care to -optional by the way, they can reset back at 1 (with an indication of course) and continue leveling.

If some rewards were considered, their could always be additional colors or something minor like new emblems and whatnot.


the idea is that there isnt a max, like prestige in COD.

that was my idea. the border acting as the visual indication.

Prestige in CoD does have a max and I there has to be a max at some point unless they keep coming up with rewards and if not people would complain no rewards, you know how it goes.

What i said although similar wasn’t exactly what you said as it is not character levels it is indicative of profile level your character would still be level 50 max. Similar but not the same.

thought it didnt, make it like Pro medals, you can have infinite of them, just make something like a star with a number to it that increases any time you get to 50. either way, why not for both profile and character?

I think there could be different pictures for characters once past level 50 like you know where it shows the hero art for the last character you used? Well then you get a different one per level 50 and can put your favorite one to show up once you have multiple.

When going past level 50 on the profile you get a border and can pick your favorite once you have multiple as well.

There could also be a number indictating how many times you prestige so people can know how many times you prestige even if you choose to use the default ones if people want that option.

Oh yeah Gears3 was by far the best multiplayer shooter i played. Coalition said gears4 plays more like gears3 so thats awesome.

I wouldn’t mind a character and a player level increase to 100 or max. Even if there are no rewards.

Yeah I would really like an increase to the max player level from 50 to something more like 100. At this point it could be a slow grind with nothing more than a dozen unlocks and it would be better then just keeping it at 50.

It better, because after the royal mess up that was Gears of War Judgment, I’m keeping a careful eye on the Coalition. They have a lot to do to regain trust from what People Can Fly did for the franchise. I liked Gears UE as well, so that’s a start. That was really good.

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Yea judgement was a piece of crap

I definitely support the notion of higher Profile and Character Levels, even without a “reward.” The visualization of time spent is in itself rewarding. Or at the very least, it is more rewarding than seeing your “earned experience” get added into a pot that is already full.

This is especially relevant with all S1 and S2 characters being changed in various ways for Season 3. I want a reason to play characters that I’m no good with. But as of now, I have very little incentive outside of “I’m bored of playing what I consider the most fun fighting game character of all time (Spinal).”

I’m fine with the number value increase if people want to earn bragging rights as long as there’s no content unlocks attached.

They’re talking about player level not character level. I agree that’s a pain in the arse

Just increase the level and don’t put a reward behind it. Those of us that enjoy leveling are satisfied and those that don’t want to grind for unlocks are also kept happy. It’s a win win.

I’m not gonna read every post, no time, so if it’s been mentioned, sorry.

Make it so you level up based on your wins not just gathering experience then ranking up. If you lose a match your rank also goes a Lil down, even when u reach killer rank…

Remember how halo 2s ranking was, like number based I think, ur either like rank 1 to 30 then it goes to little unique symbols once u surpass 30. BUT, it takes like 2 to 5 wins to go up one rank and like 1 to 3 losses to go one down. That way our rank is constantly going up or down and showing us who really is skilled and wins constantly compared to someone just playing over the months and building their experience to level 50, wins or losses…

Ranking up by exp is overrated, make it skill based.