Can we get a date for the Steam port of KI already?

This was announced a long time ago and we still don’t have a date for it or what the steam version includes. I’m still not even sure if it allows crossplay or not.

By the time they get around to announcing it, people will have totally forgotten it was coming (if they haven’t already forgotten). And by then Marvel Infinite will be on many people’s minds who might have otherwise checked it out.

I think they’re making a pretty big mistake not being more forthcoming with information about this product. It is a very exciting development for KI and they’re in a very crowded marketplace where they need any advantage they can get, but they’re burning through a lot of community goodwill here.


In my completely speculative opinion all of the announcements since S3 was announced have the hallmarks of having the timing dictated by some busy higher up who doesn’t understand the game or its community. The Steam announcement was clearly made to coincide with a major event rather than because it was the right time to announce it in terms of the actual game. I am not even especially interested in it, but they announce it and then tell us nothing. That makes people insane.

Either they hadn’t finished negotiating the deal when they announced it, they have bad news they don’t really want to share (no cross play or cross buy), or they are waiting for some predetermined front office “right moment” to announce the details. It’s all just tiresome.

I used to scoff at the impatience of people waiting for character announcements etc. but I’m truthfully sick of never knowing anything about the game. It’s really impossible for me to provide any defense for the information flow related to the game. It leaves you with the impression that it’s a disorganized mess that is low priority for everyone involved. If it’s this hard to tell us anything at all I can’t imagine they have a solid plan for the game.


Yep, I’m slowly disengaging from the game because all the "stay tuned"s and general lack of interest in being forthcoming with their player base until “the time is right” (read: the time is too late) is just incredibly tiresome. They must have some master plan about when and how they will reveal information like this, but it’s not a good one. One of the near-final straws for me was Rukari intentionally not posting information on the 3.8.2 patch on the website (and then defending his choice to not tell forum goers that a crucial game-breaking bug was fixed because the information wasn’t important enough).

I’m just sick of it all, dude. Game is over 3 years old and in heavy competition with a dozen other good fighting games, and they act like information on when a new ultimate will drop is G-14 classified. Game is still rad and I want to support it, but the way they’ve handled giving information to the community for the last year is driving me away. Either they’re riding by the seat of their pants, making it up as they go with no plan at all, or they need to really, really reconsider their current plan.


When they announced the steam version there was a big elephant in the room. Will it have cross play?

Announcing a cross play feature for a franchise that MS owns seems to be to big to make at a niche game event like a fighting game tournament.
I think that other games will follow, e.g. Halo Wars 2 which is rumored to get a steam version for a long time now.

I think they will talk about it at GamesCom.

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The steam release is nothing more that a final attempt to get more PC users that don’t want to buy it in though the windows store. It is just a attempt to get a little more money before they end the game. They don’t want to say they are done with the game, then put it on Steam. That would hurt the sales that they could get. The goal would be to sell it to them with the hope that there will be more content comming.

@BigBadAndy and @Infilament, I know that I don’t always agree with everything you guys say, and I am ok with your views being different from mine. I will never challenge your guys love for the game. They need to see the impact this no info is haveing, because when guys like you are starting to get burned out/tired, there is a real problem.

As far as that patch goes, he would have been better off saying that he got busy and overlooked/forgot, instead of just saying he didn’t feel it was that important. Every patch is important. If it is worth patching, it is worth posting.

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I’m pretty sure their plan was to make the announcement at evo but since KI didn’t get in they had to do CEO. If it had been an evo announcement it’d still be pretty recent and the lack of news wouldn’t be as noticable.


It feels like lately the entire MS and IG team have been on vacation, other projects, and basically DONE with everything KI. I mean lets face it…all the ultimate’s, skin packs, and color packs were complete a long time ago. Its only been released in a preset calendar string since March when most of it was announced at KIWC. Its not like they have been working on this stuff every day since March.
Either they are working on a new KI or working on a totally different project.
These things just do not seem to be on their mind daily like it is ours.

Or I could be totally wrong and they just cant say anything about anything> Who knows? But I hope more content or a new game is in the works regardless.

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This is the problem. I understand not wanting to release character information for a predetermined amount of time to build hype for the character up until their release, but basic, game changing info (bug that crashes the game, and Steam Cross Play/Buy) is something players and consumers need to know about in order to either try what was causing the game to crash, or to make plans to purchase the Steam version or not.

This wishy-washy “Stay Tuned” on important info is just getting to be tiring.

I love KI, and would love anything else to do with KI (figures?!, comics?!, Season 4?!, KI2018-19?!). But I’m burnt on trying to stay hyped for information that, seemingly, no one at MS or IG can answer.

I know future game content is a touchy thing about when to announce, but can we get a definitive answer on the things we’ve already been told about? Wave 2 figures were shown off at KIWC 2016 (a year and a half ago) and no further information about release has been mentioned. Comics are coming…soon? I don’t even know anymore.

Just trying to prepare for Dragonball FighterZ while they decide what to do with KI. To be honest, this feels like the calm after Soul Calibur 5, and that worries me greatly.

I don’t think they are intentionally misleading people about the game’s content, although I agree a “we are now finished with KI forever” announcement makes no sense. But truthfully, I have no problem with this. But how can you get people excited for a release that they know nothing about? It’s not that I’m bothered with the outcome it’s just frustrating to see it being neglected.

It seems like that to me too. And I would be fine with that. At some point they will stop working on this game. It has to happen and that’s okay. But why does it have to be a mystery? I could support almost any plan they could come up with. But I can’t support … nothing.


Well at least we got Starfire to look forward to :grin:
Oops wrong game :laughing: we have the last 5 Ultimates comming. They will either wait until after the steam release to say that there will be no new content/updates, or they won’t say anything at all.

My money is on saying nothing at all.

The thing is for me, I have a friend who would love to play KI with me but refuses to get windows 10 again because he had a bad experience with it.
I hope that you don’t need windows 10 because it would mean that he couldn’t play.
I finally wanna play Kilgore and Shin Hisako but I already spent more than enough money on KI and I want to know if my progress is getting transferred to the Steam version. I have 9 (nearly 12) Lvl 50 characters, 5 Mimic skins and 6 Shadow skins and I don’t want to do that all over again. I won’t buy any Gold or Terror skins or Omen’s color pack because I don’t know if I will have them in the Steam version.

i cant see anyprice DE in microsoft store (in windows 10) or in game buy bundle section DE has no price probably soon this game is good but online kinda dead tbh they should release the game on steam earlier.

The online is far from dead buddy.


Main problems of Killer Instinct here you can read

Ok you have issues with the game. That doesn’t mean the online is dead. It factually isn’t dead. It’s very popular for a fighting that is 4 years old.


world doesn’t spin for america just remember that!

It doesn’t spin around your country either. No need to act like a brat about it.


I’m from Europe and I don’t have those problems

Maybe the problem is particularly yours

On topic: yeah, MS attitude has being pretty strange lately. “Hidding on plain sight” helps no one, and not speaking more about Steam version “until its too late” seems pretty absurd

Seriously, your strategy may be reviseted MS


Maybe the Steam port isn’t as easy as we might think. Until everything is in working order, then they can set a date. Do we want a Steam port that sucked as badly as the USF4 port when it first moved from GFWL to Steam. Let us not even mention the SF5 netcode which only became somewhat playable for me with the Ed patch.

You know what IG + MS? Set a date in stone! We will complain, but you can fix the netplay bugs later :relieved: