Main problems of Killer Instinct

alright mates this is gonna be complain topic so
1- i’m eu player. i’m playing with same guy whenever search online ( for eu game kinda dead )
2- almost literally everyone killer rank which is this is annoying for new players
3- kinda hard to learn since everyone has higher rank they don’t even let you to touch them.
4- i try to play qualifier match once and i vs with the killer rank
5- this gamme gonna be on steam so if we had crossplatform newest player will had a lot trouble( i really don’t want that)
6-because of this new players gonna refund the game and commenting negative review on steam( i really love the game 60fps smooth and almost everysingle character enjoyable even arbiter!)


So it’s more “Main problems with Killer Instinct for EU players”, really.
But it’s true. As a EU player myself, this was a problem even back when I played.

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so it’s really : Main Problems for EU players who can’t compete with killer ranked

hmm. This is kinda true tho…

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Well, if everyone you play online are killer ranked and you’re a new player, I can see why this is a problem. It’s tough to “git gud” when the difficulty is already on Kyle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Most of those statement are indeed (at least a bit) true.
This is a good opportunity to remind our fellow killer ranked to be a bit more gentle towards newcommers, by taking a less known character for instance.
This will be particulary important for the steam release.

If I’m not mistaken this was also TheKeits wishe, don’t remember where I heard it though.


I’m an EU player, and I fight against a good variety of people.

I recomend new players to use exibition, not ranked. Honestly I believe nobody who can’t get to gold should be playing ranked until they get used to the game in exibition


he said it in the eagle walk through when he talked a bit about steam. I’m paraphrasing, but it was something like “Don’t be a teabagging ■■■■ to them, please”, even though he’s on the frontlines of defending balls in the face.

I choose my level 4 shin hisako against newbies. I get to learn a weird character and they get a fighting chance.


The problem I see is that even if killers go easy on newbies they’re still going to end up salty because the instant they see the killer rank they feel as though they’ve been thrusted into an unfair situation where the only outcome is to lose. So no matter how easy you go on them or how close the matches are they still end up upset.

When I go easy on someone. I will first put them in danger. This way they know I can win when I want to. Then I just spend time blocking and let them do combos. When it is time to win, then I just shadow counter and end it. I will take it easy on a new player, unless they taunt or bag. If they do that then it is over quick.

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I stopped going easy on people in ranked, I’ve encountered catfishes constantly online that pretend to be new players only to end up going pro in the middle of the match and teabagging/taunting and sending hate mail right after.


My money is on the steam release being big enough to give new players enough matchmaking against other new players. Separating the community is a bad idea.

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separating the community is always bad. So I agree. Plus the ki community on the reddit and the forums is super helpful… So a lot of people can get help and training from them.

it’s always bad idea separating the community . game released on 2013 many players became pro level already. my perspective it’s tooooooooo late to become top steam game. if game was released 2013-2014 on steam nobody gonna complain about anything like how new players gonna play this game.

tbh i haven’t this game exist before i update my windows to windows 10. another main issue is game mechanics are good but there is no enough source to explain. im watching anyone on twitch while they playing KI or watching maximilliand doods old videos. they are not updated for current gameplay mechanics. actually “XiBassiX” is really good player i wish he made basic tutorial videos with commentary on youtube.

"sounds good, doesn’t work"
basicly i set the minimum rank qualifiers and maximum rank to gold and i waited 15 minute literally and i didin’t find anygame. the point is game is good but game is old everyone already know what they are doing.hard to play against to kiler rank you start combo then cococococoocombo breaker you try to shadow move then shadow breaker thats what happend to in my matches always.


If you play exhibition, or lobby mode, you can filter the ranks that you will match up against. This may be a better place to start off.

If that doesn’t work to you, I recommend you to fight against someone you know, someone who has a similar level to yours.

If you don’t have friends who could fit on this description, try here:

Ask for a Gold or less ranked opponent, although some Killer can be really good into teaching you the game.

I can’t think about many Gold players, but @MandrillManiac is probably the best I know(IMO he could be Killer easily), and he is super fun to play with.

My recomendations:

-Always fight someone stronger than you. There is not much to learn about mauling someone, but there is a lot to learn from being outplayed. Where did I fail? Where did I lose my initiative? Why?

-Every time you attempt to break something, ask yourself. Did you identified correctly the strength you wanted to break? Did you saw a pattern and tried to break it without seeing it? Were you right? Was your opponent using only lights? If so, why didn’t you let him rock them, and tried to break them in the next combo? Learning when to break is key, and you should always question yourself about it.

-Is your opponent being tremendously lucky guess breaking you, or did he saw a pattern in your combos? Are you using the same strength in linkers? The same auto double? Have you considered using a counter breaker without actually using nothing but an opener to fish guess breakers? Lots of people misunderstoods being predictable with lucky guess breakers. For some time during s1, I always used m. Linkers, everytime. When I noticed that I was being predictable, I changed my routine and suddenly, I was harder to break. Make your combos varied and hard to break, stress your opponent, and take advantage of it

There are more lessons to get, but consider this points and try to adapt your gameplan into them.

I’m a Killer rank, but maybe I could help you to improve in some areas. In any case, you will find good opponents in the GGs thread

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That sucks that you can’t find a match. I wouldn’t get my hopes up with Steam if I were you. It will just be a few new players that for some reason didn’t want to buy it on the windows store. It is just a last chance for MS to get a few more dollars out of some players before they end the game for good. The game has been out for so longer that either the person plays alot and is good, or just plays it because they are board and want to play something new to them, but are not good at the game. Most of the average skill players/casuals don’t play much anymore unless they are playing with friends.

To be honest, I wouldn’t worry about wanting to get good at this game now. By the time you do, the game will be done and will not see anymore updates or content. Although if you really want to be the best then go for it. Just try not to get upset when the match searches start to take longer than you would like.

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I bring you THE BIBLE:

Best fighting game guide ever. Props to @Infilament.

If you are learning the game, read it. Study it. Learn it. It’s a road to improvement

  1. Have you gone all the way through the game’s dojo?

  2. Are you aware of infils guide

  3. What are your thoughts on the Shadow AI modes?

Lastly outside of the dojo, if you’re interested in a tutorial video for the current gameplay mechanics, this might help -

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1- i played dojo before shadow lords patch come(only way to play jago)
2- yes i have been trying to learn some stuffs over there
3- if you are talking about shadow lords omen broken AF if you saying player vs cpu im okay with very hard im decent at killer