Can someone please explain to me what just happened?

EDIT: Okay I legitimately thought this was a bug, apparently he gets a free health bar every match no matter what and if you use multiple characters to kill him EACH LIFE he gets another free bar. So if you suck as bad as I do he could have up to 9 life bars…

I’m hopping around like an idiot because I’m all hyped to beat Gargos, trying to land a YOLO Shago grapple. I eventually land it and kill Gargos, or so I thought. Dude straight up stands up and magically regens an entire life bar and I drop dead, what? I don’t even know where to begin.

Is he taking pointers from TJ combo and getting a second wind?

I can’t see the video at the moment, but let me guess something:

Maybe one of his buff was edited into something like Bastion mimic buff? Take a look into the archives, maybe there is the solution!

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Tha f***n sucks lol in the beta there was a bug (I think it was a bug) where he would come back to life after an ultra, happened to me once but I managed to kill him again.

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You probably had to beat him with an ultra.


Yeah I didn’t even try to ultra him, just the instinct command grab. >__<

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Yeah, that’s a new ability for him. Full instinct when beat, comes back. Not sure if that’s a one time thing though. I’ll test it out when I get there.

So if he’s got instinct he gets a full life bar back? That is downright stupid. lol

Yup. That’s gargos. Makes the “spirit of gargos” buff that much more troublesome and should be taken out asap.

Well this mode just went from 10/10 to not worth playing. :stuck_out_tongue:

You actually had the right idea when you hit him with a heavy attack while he was in the air. If you do this at the right time you can knock his life to around 35% or so. With certain characters you should be able to land a 1 hit KO or get very close.

Of course, you got caught off guard :stuck_out_tongue: But now you know!

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I appreciate the vote of confidence, thanks.

What? They wanted the big bad to feel…you know…big bad.

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On easy it shouldn’t be “throw the controller out the window” difficult especially when it says normal mode is for people “new to fighting games”. We shouldn’t be seeing Maximillion boss rage tier antics on EASY mode.

But you know those rage vids are all acts though right?

Of course, Max isn’t always a spaz its for fun but my point being that we shouldn’t be seeing things that make you scream like he does on easy mode.

Oh there’s plenty of hair pulling things on easy modes in games. I can attest to that back in the day.

Guess its just frustrating since it was so promising in the beta access, perfectly balanced on normal/challenging. Now frankly I’m not touching the mode after I get my Glacius skin, its not worth it. Not in its current state if they think giving the boss an entire life bar back after killing him is a feasible gameplay mechanic. Oh no, not this guy, not going to bother with that nonsense.

Bringing him back with 20%? Maybe but a full bar? Yeah right, on what planet is that a good idea.

Gargos didn’t come to play fair. And neither should we.

One liners aside, its still a dumb mechanic to have especially on easy.

I don’t mind it actually. Shouldn’t be to hard to body him during instinct, force him to erupt then body him before he get a full bar back. The only thing I have to worry about then is when my health is really low.