Can Shadow Lords mode be used to tell a coherent story?

So I have about 8 or 9 Eagle dossiers left and I’ll be done getting everything Shadow Lords has to offer and thus far, I’ve been very happy with this mode!

One thing I’ve noticed though, from the few dossiers that I’ve read (wanted to wait until the end to read them all), is that even when read in order, well, correct me if I’m wrong, but there doesn’t seem to be much of an “order” to them. They don’t seem to tell a coherent story, even for the character, much less give the reader any real insight on the overarching plot of the story and what’s happening.

I’m not going to be prone to hyperbole here and say that everyone wants this or that, but I don’t think I’m alone in wanting some sort of coherent narrative beyond setting up Shadow Lords mode itself as well as a few isolated events here and there.

That’s not to bag on Shadow Lords. I’m sure they had a TON to create and balance and what not for this mode. Now that this is done though, I’m really hoping that we can get some type of fleshed out story that gives us the events of what happened in this game, what plotlines were created, resolved and how.

I’m not asking for MKX levels of cut scenes here either. I love the dossiers in KI, the scenes with reused animations in season 2 and the scenes with new animations. Personally, I think it’d be great if they could tell the full story using several methods, and it’d probably be more cost effective as well (as opposed to the MKX method).

Since Shadow Lords is already set up, it’d be nice if there could be some sort of tournament bracket mission that you could enter, pick one of the characters in your party to start with, maybe the mission jumps you from character to character depending on choices, and you can play several times with different characters to take different, branching pathways, all in an effort to complete a story that could be formed together in to a movie of sorts that has dossiers, the end of battle replays, interrupted battles, novella info, reused animation scenes, new scenes, etc.

I love this game, but I want to know the full story from start to finish.

TL/DR: I’d really like to see a cohesive narrative story in KI and I think that starting it with Shadow Lords as a tournament mission, having the story jump from character to character, and giving the player branching paths that gives you story content in dossier and cut scene form, all in an effort to put together a large movie that gives us the full story of what happened in this game would be amazing. If they add new characters later, they can put more parts in to the story movie and make them fit however they want.

Would anyone like something like this?


Good for you. I have been living threw you :slight_smile: I was hoping that you would finish it. I gave up. I can’t get Hatchery III, so I gave up. There is no use to getting the rest of them if I am still missing one.

Keep going. Let me know when you have them all. :smile:

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Will do, man! I’ve been mining Shadow Lords for Eagle fights, but a vast majority of the time, when I do finally fight an Eagle, no dossier drops. Man, I really wish this mode could somehow adjust based on what dossiers you have left, either by steering more fights with the characters you need dossiers from your way or by making dossier drops more likely when you fight them.

But yeah, I’m at 104% right now and it feels so close! Just gotta keep pluggin away lol.

That sucks about Hatchery III. I wonder why it’s still not working for you? Has anyone at MS or IG said anything about this issue?

Nope. I have send messages, but don’t get a response.

That really sucks. I wish that there was someone who could tend to this board and actually filter these questions to people that can give us answers. Don’t get me wrong, I know Rukari does a great job, but he’s also got his attention divided between this forum, the Crackdown forum, plus a billion other things that comprise his every day job. I know other devs read this forum, but again, they’ve got tons of stuff going on and they can only answer so much, do so much, etc.

Ah well, I really hope they can fix it, for your sake, at least. It’s unfortunate that it’s been an issue for this long and no one at MS or IG is talking about it or acknowledging it.

This is why I can’t be part of the KI is the greatest game ever group. I get reminded of the issue everytime I start the game and see the SL progress bar.

I will try again.