Can season 1 be played through the season 1 disk?

Would deleting the current install of KI, taking my XBOX offline, then reinstalling KI through the season 1 disk, work? Or will it ask to connect my XBOX and to update?

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You can play Season 1 :smiley:


Stay offline and you can play Season 1. I did and streamed it a while ago, worked fine.


Wait what? Streaming offline?

Beautiful. Thank you!

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Played offline, streamed it through PC.


Really, how?

Uninstall KI, put your console into offline mode, put the Season 1 disc in the Xbox. Play Season 1 offline.

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I can’t - I’m sorry, wouldn’t know how to be honest. I just got my copy from a friend. Though, I’m sure there are plenty of copies floating around.

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