Can he speak/talk?

Just something I was wondering about earlier while playing. Does Fulgore have the ability to talk similar to how ARIA can? I don’t think I have ever seen/heard him speek, but I guess that doesn’t mean he can’t lol he does have unlockable taunts afterall, though those could just be there because he needed to have some like everybody else

Anyway, what do you think? Is he capable of speech or not?

He does say ‘Fulgore’

And bleept blopt

And whirrrtt woorrrrrrrttt

The devs of KI2 said they used samples of pigs and metal for KI 2 Fulgore


:joy::joy::joy::joy: lomfao I’m dead !

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He’s a robot of few words, though he generally has the common courtesy to tell folks his name (if you’re using the retro) and his career as an acapella EDM artist is coming together nicely. :stuck_out_tongue:


Beep Boop son, beep boop. Like Fulgore would say to you in agreement of your comment


I have heard him make sounds that sound like words, such as “death comes to all” “Fulgore” and “oh my god” during his victory animation.


There is a big difference between Fulgore and Aria. Fulgore wasn’t designed for the purpose of communication, but as an agent of destruction. It is possible that he was only designed with limited speech capabilities, but then again at the first, Fulgore wasn’t a sentient being.

This could change since at least one of the Fulgore models is actually Eagle, and he became self aware.

Aria who is an ever evolving AI gave herself the ability to speak so she could be able to interact with Ultra Tech on a human (or almost human) level.

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Yeah I know he makes a bunch of noises in the old games (especially when he is getting beat up) but where does he say Fulgore? It’s not that I don’t believe it I just don’t know where/when to listen for it lol

this thread

So asking if a high tech robot with a human brain/mind can talk is face palm worthy? Lol I didn’t think it was that bad. His mini bio says " the mind of the machine is different. It plans. It feels. It is aware. It is somehow… human. " so I thought maybe it could potentially be able to talk or communicate somehow lol


I think the thread is fine. Yeah, its not an everyday type of question, but at least it isn’t a pointless rant. :slightly_smiling:

" beep boop son,beep boop!"

-Soldier from TF2

Bzzzrrrt! Is a good one. He says that a lot.

I’d imagine he is able to provide a couple of simple responses like yes or no, but as others have said his job isn’t to communicate, its to kill.

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True and I understand that, I was mainly thinking that maybe because he has a human brain/mind and is hinted to be “human” in a way that he could potential be capable of more though, or that was the idea anyway lol

"Lah hah hah hah ah"
From his launched trailer. Does that count?

It really all depends on how the brain is hooked up to the robot. As long as the brain is kept in the proper state, it should function like normal, but how much of the thoughts and reflexes are sent to the body is defined by the robot’s programming. For all we know, Fulgore’s AI just uses Eagle’s brain to review Eagle’s past fights to see how he would react in similar situations.

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He definitely says Fulgore when the season one trailer came out - I really didn’t play him until. Ow season 3 just to see that walk up

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geeeeee I woooonnnn!!


At least that what I hear.

I don’t think there’s a need for him to communicate really. He’s essentially a walking tank whose job is to obliterate anything Ultratech doesn’t approve.

Aria needs to speak only because she needs to lead Ultratech (And if she gets her way the human race).

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