Can he speak/talk?

Honestly I don’t care to hear fulgore speak English cau it might end up being some classically- trained voice actor f in it up

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Iv heard him say “FULGORE!” like letting you know what his name is before you die.

I think I also remember him saying “OH MY GOD!” probably saying it to himself out loud in a shocked way thinking “I ****ed that guy up so bad”.

There’s “GIGGLE ME WIGGLE” lmao, probably him giggling so hard after the win that he starts to wiggle too, I donno lol

There’s also “GIGA-WHAT!” Maybe he’s trying to say that he runs at a gigabyte level, not by megabytes lols. Why not run at the terabyte level? Maybe he does but it would sound too weird saying “TERA-WHAT” or “TERA-BYTE”. He probably says WHAT at the end instead of saying BYTE because it would sound too weird saying “GIGA-BYTE” and by saying what also makes it sound like he’s yelling at you making it sound more hardcore, like WHAT *****!
OR maybe he’s saying “GIGAWATT” maybe meaning that he runs at a gigabyte wattage level if that makes any sense or anything I just explain lol.

That’s what I think he sais and what’s going thru his mind when he says it. =)

Fulgore will be the next announcer.

Love the way he laughs after he grabs orchid