Bunny hopping and excessive jumping

I thought that I would make this it’s own thread, so we don’t derail the other thread

Declimax, what speed boost do you get from Constantly hopping? I feel that Andy said it best for me. It does ruin the game experience for me by seeing someone doing non stop jumping without a purpose. The only reason that sliding does not bother me is, because sliding is almost always tied to some sort of meter, so people can’t just do non stop sliding, even if they wanted to.

Doing empty jumps during a match in KI can be just as annoying. I get that characters like Sadria are made for this style, but watching Tusk or Fulgore do it for an entire match is just sad. I do AA when they are in range, but alot of the time it just looks like they are playing with a broken controller that is stuck in the up direction.

In games where bunnyhopping (or strafejumping) is a thing instead of just what players call people jumping a lot, it boosts your speed greatly and often allows you to travel between points on the map in ways you otherwise couldn’t.

If you’re playing a game where repeated jumping can’t be used to gain speed, it isn’t bunnyhopping.

The reason why Bhopping is a feature in some games is because the devs took into account what they wanted in the game and found that Bhopping is a possible feature that could add to the game. Titanfall has a great Bhopping feature. It takes a lot of skill and is still balanced. That’s why it’s in the game. With all of it’s already insane movement abilities adding Bhopping doesn’t take away, it simply adds. Same with games like Black Ops 3. The devs took into account that a style of Bhopping or Bhopping directly is in the game and decided to balance around it rather than remove the feature because of the fun it adds to the game.
Either way, If Bhopping doesn’t get you banned in a game, then it’s a feature, your meant to use it. If you don’t agree with it, don’t ■■■■ on their game or opinions of the players. I for one for one don’t mind Bhopping in the game I play.
Titanfall has a crazy fun Bhopping feature. It goes. (there are many ways to start it off but this is just an example)

  1. Wall run
  2. Jump off of wall
  3. Slide
  4. Jump one you hit the ground
  5. Hold slide button IMMEDIATELY after jumping
  6. Repeat steps 4-5

Black Ops 3 also has some cool sliding and Bhopping stuff. What I like to call Platform boosting is something that could probably be abused, but is hard to do.

  1. Run towards the edge of a platform
  2. Hold slide when SUPER close to the edge
  3. Jump.
  4. Go flyin lmao

Halo 5 has “Bhopping” ig. If you want to consider jumping up and down constantly. I will say, at high level play this will get you killed. Even if your jumping around corners your gonna get perfected with a mugnun in a damn instant. @GalacticGeek can probably help me confirm on the Halo front that Bhopping isn’t a “feature” then again it comes down to what you wanan call “Bhopping” what actually IS Bhopping.

Then on the other hand we have games like CS:GO where Bhopping is literally Illegal because it breaks the game and ruins game balance and core mechanics. You travel at like (What is it 3 times the speed aroudn the map?) and you can and WILL get banned Bhopping in CS:GO

Ok, then I miss spoke. I have a issue with the jumping alot. If the bunny hopping is a skill that provides a boost like sliding or wall running, then I see no issue with it then.

To me bunny hopping referred to the people who did the constant jumping for no reason, and just used it instead of just running or walking.

I only Bhop in H5G if I’m carrying a flag.

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Do you mind the Constant Jumping in Halo? Cause that will REQ you if you constantly jump at high level of play. Jumpin in games like CS:GO and Halo you have a floaty jump and a set trajectory as to where you will land. It makes it EASIER for you opponent to hit you.

Then there’s also the whole jump around corner in Black Ops 1. using the SMG’s and running and jumpshotting around corners with the games questionable netcode is definitely an unfair advantage in my opinion, But that’s not exactly Bhopping is it? If you jump constantly in ALLLLL Call Of Duty games, yes ALL you can’t argue this, trust me I know; If you jump constantly you will quickly, jump by jump, jump less and less and eventually you can’t even Jump forward more than a inch. It takes just shy 2000 Jumps to get from one side of Nuketown to the other if you jump the entire time. There are definently some gray areas in this discussion.
@GalacticGeek yeah same lmao. Though there is a thingy I do when trying to be fast af.

  1. Gain super SPEEEEED
  2. Slide and jump off of edges.

Honestly, the loss of advanced movement is just one of many things about modern shooter design that I have problems with. There’s a lot of ways I think the design of the games has gone downhill. Even titanfall 2, as much as I like it, is guilty of some of those design failings–though, it suffers from them FAR less than some other shooters.

Well, what does it do wrong in your opinion?

For me, it’s simply a matter of being realistic, intentional (by devs), and practical. If it meets at least some of these, then I’m okay with it (but even then, I may still choose not to use it).

I think some young player think that if they jump constantly they can only be Anti aired and not combo’d to death. Its a strategy never the less.

Okay here I am in the anger thread about “Bhopping”

Already we have a definitional issue. @declimax and @MathAmphetameme google “bhopping” and please note that according to the holy bible of the Internet, Wikipedia, “bhopping” can refer to BOTH jumping up and down for evasion as well as “advanced” movement techniques. So, not for nothing you. It’s freaked out and had a meltdown over the wrong thing and are now compounding it by insisting that very one else is wrong in their terminology.

Please describe bhopping to me in Titan fall because if it’s just the jet packing wall running mobility in the game then I don’t put that in the same category. Because it’s not guys running across the board doing lame little hurdle jumps over and over to avoid headshots. I play battlefront and I don’t think you can get any sort of speed boost from doing it.

Second, @declimax I just disagree with you. I don’t think gating movement behind a weird series of motions and inputs that makes no sense and has no bearing on reality is a good design decision. I just think it limits the competitive potential of players the same way inanity like one frame links in SF IV does. You’re free to disagree and at no point anywhere in the last thread did anyone say you should stop taking advantage of the tools available to you.

Blah I’m just editing out my mechanics rant. I’m too tired to tell if I’m making sense.

Nobody’s having a meltdown. But, honestly, I rarely if ever hear anyone that’s somewhat serious about shooters use “bunnyhop” to talk about anything but the advanced movement mechanic.

Very simple.

  1. Build speed. There are a variety of methods to do this.
  2. Jump.
  3. Before you hit the ground, crouch (this will cause you to automatically slide when you land.)
  4. As soon as you hit the ground, jump again, then crouch again.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4.

Basically, you normally lose momentum when you touch the ground in titanfall. The golden rule to getting good is getting off the ground. But slide boosting allows you to both build speed (as you automatically gain some when you land into a slide) and retain speed (because you’re not slowing down,) while traversing the map without walls, which allows for much more freeform movement around the maps.

The caveat is that if you just slide boost indefinitely you eventually will lose speed, but with the amount of walls to boost off of you can really keep it up as long as you need. It’s functionally bunnyhopping, just with slightly easier inputs and a new name.

You never implied that you were talking about the difficulty of executing the mechanic, just the mechanic itself.

I don’t like the outcome - people jumping around all the time to avoid getting hit. I don’t want to play a game where I’m bouncing all the time. Certainly I’m capable of executing the “hit A button” jumping people are doing in Battlefront, and so is everyone else. But when I play a game to feel like part of an epic battle in the Star Wars universe and I have to jump all over the place it isn’t fun. I saw Rogue One over the weekend and noted none of the storm troopers bunny hopping…

If we’re talking about your advanced movement techniques, frankly I like that even less and for the same and additional reasons. It’s an exploit (retained as a feature) taking advantage of bad physics to move faster than intended by practicing a repetitive execution that is not intuitive. Just watching video of this gives me a migraine. I’m sorry to hear about it in TF2 even if it doesn’t have the nausea associated with “strafe jumping.” I enjoyed the first one and might eventually get the second one. I think this is very different than the wall running etc in Titanfall which is a fun aspect of the game.

Again, people are free to like whatever.

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I mean…I think the key point is the difference in what we’re trying to get out of the games. Seems like you want to have the fantasy of an awesome battle, I want something fast-paced that challenges me to master it. I will note, though, that titanfall 2 does both.

Bhopping in Titanfall does not help you avoid getting hit. Nor does it in Halo, Call of Duty, Battlefront, Battlefield… I could go on. Your just as easy to hit Bhopping than when your not Bhopping.

That is exactly what I want. The fantasy of a great war like battle. This is also the reason that I like that you can’t carry 9 large guns at the same timed anymore. I love the way you can dive into prone in some games.

This is also why I have always like games like COD over Halo or Gears.

I guess in the end, Andy and I want a different type of FPS experience than you and Mathamp do.

How can you say that? You don’t think it’s harder to get a headshot on a character jumping up and down? It’s sure as hell harder for me to hit someone.

I find this annoying. I look at this and I don’t see a game I want to play.

Your a special little snowflake and everyone loves you.

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