Bug Problem: Dossier "Status: Tintan Vengeance" Not unlock

I try to find this Dossier call "Status: Titan Vengeance"
I finish eyedol mission like months ago I guess and finished. But some reason the last Dossier does not unlock, I use many time eyedol doing random missions, shadow mission, beating Gargos few times and nothing.
I think this is a bug, is a shame, is my last Dossier from him. :disappointed_relieved:
Please help. :clap: Thanks.

It’s not bugged. Go to character dossiers, then go to Eyedol and click on him to view the dossiers. At the bottom of the screen, you should see some sort of option to reset his story or something like that. Click that button.

This will lock Eyedol on the select screen, however, it will give you the chance to run through Eyedol’s story again. Yes, you have to play through the entire thing again, gathering the body parts and defeating him multiple times.

Only this time, instead of doing what you did the first time, which I assume was recruiting him to your team, do the opposite, which is, I believe, is killing him. This will drop the final dossier for him.

I don’t believe this unlocks him as playable, however, I’m pretty sure a mission comes up not long after that which allows you to recruit him again and I believe that unlocks him again.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Ah, alright. this is gonna be a pain again but I don’t mind. Thanks for the help. :clap:

You bet, man! That was a tough one, for sure. I had to ask on that one as well. Only one I’m really having trouble with now is Mask of the Ancients. You ever find out how to get that dossier, do me a favor and drop me a line.