We need them to buffjago
jago is so op

So you mean nerf jago?

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I think he meant de-buff, and good luck with that my friend. That’s like saying saying Ryu is overpowered in StreetFighter…

No Jago is fine as he is. He’s the same for the most part except he just has to work alot harder for his health regen.

Eh I wouldn’t say he needs to work a lot harder. In fact the work load is basically the same.

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I’d say the workload is considerably easier…in S1 Jago could recover a maximum of around 30% life. Now he gets extra instinct via around the world, and is guaranteed 30% regen if he manages to land a combo breaker once he has instinct. After that, he gets additional life off any overhead or low forward he manages to land.

i would say he has the best instinct in the game. But he needed it after the s1 nerfs

It’s definitely up there, but I don’t think it’s the best. Top 5 for sure.

Show me that “guaranteed 30%” I call b.s. on that. Nothing is guaranteed

If you have 2 meters and instinct, then yes, you should get roughly 30% life back. Combo break->instinct cancel->fireball->shadow fireball->shadow fireball->fireball. I suppose it’s 28% if you want to get technical. It’s completely unbreakable, so assuming you have the meter (and Jago tends to have meter) then yes - it should be guaranteed life regen off a combo breaker.

Very circumstantial…and depletes all your resources…but yes 28% is possible… I found an issue more with the word guaranteed…do you main jago?

No, not a Jago main, but pretty familiar with the character overall. Played him early on and have fought legions of greater and lesser skilled versions of him since the game came out. Knowledgeable of most of the shenanigans of which he’s capable at high level.

If you wish to quibble over the word “guaranteed” then I suppose there’s issue to be had. In the context of KI, I tend to use it more for any damage done that is completely unbreakable or that cannot be avoided after a certain thing happens. You can mess up a Hisako command grab after wall splat, but the command grab itself is still “guaranteed” in my mind. Ditto for Jago life regen off combo breaker with instinct available. Mess up-able, and dependent on how much meter you’ve managed to hoard, but still guaranteed after the break.

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Well put I agree

I wish they would be decent and fix the hit box on light wind kick, but I know that will never happen. Evil is as evil does.

What’s wrong with the light wind kick hitbox?

Well, It was supposedly “accidentally” moved to be active behind his ankle instead of on or before his foot. Essentially it was a nerf, but they never told us about it (Shady?). The community found out from a youtuber named Acid Glow who made a video showcasing the issue. IG has been asked many a time to fix this issue but they “refuse/give no response”. So we’re kinda stuck. I really miss crMK -> LK Windkick string. The LK wind kick will now whiff at max distance of his crMK. It was good in footsies but now its gone. If that’s how they wanna be then more power to them.

If you are suggesting that a move that crushes lows, is safe on block, and has special move priority is “not good in footsies”, then there is probably nothing I can say to you to convince you why we chose to keep this change as is in the first place.

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Jago’s not lacking moves that are in good in footsies either way.

Its more so the range and that I can’t use it from max cr Medium kick distance any more (don’t worry I’ve adapted).The real problem is that you didn’t tell us the change in first place. As I recall it was Acid Glow who pointed it out. Seriously when you say you have the best interests of the player base at heart, then try to sneak one under the radar… that’s kinda a kick to the nuts. If you can’t see wrong in that then there is nothing I can say to you about dishonesty. Also I may not be “master” but I know more than you are giving me credit for. Its cool though. At the end of the day you guys are gonna do what you want, and I know how to adjust and roll with the punches.

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I mean, its an experimental change we thought we took out that accidentally got left in the game, and then when we realized it did, we thought it was for the best anyway so we left it.

You are free to call that ‘dishonesty’ or whatever, despite us having the most detailed and complete patch notes of any fighting game month after month. Mistakes happen, but its your opinion and you are welcome to it.