Buff maya Instinct (only maya players please)

Hi i said only maya players in titles cause alots of suggestions in answer coming from peoples who don’t even know her ( im nope interrested, what i need, is the advise of real maya player, to know how they feel about that)
Here i go, so sister mayan :blush: lol, since we all know we are not more able to use the daggers after a missed dragon( that move was punishable tho but ok) and actually cinder fulgore and thunder continue to do that spam.

So what about a fully release daggers capacity in instinct? i mean like cinder in instinc,t he do unfinish wall flame after dp, so why not maya in instinct? let me know please.

let’smake it constructive guyz :wink:

The difference between Maya’s old dp dagger throws and those characters is that Cinder/Thunder’s dps are always unsafe and Fulgore needs meter to make it safe. Maya only needed daggers.

Also, you can still throw dagger after a whiffed dp, just not a blocked one.

As for your suggestion…it’s not the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, but at the same time I don’t really think it’s necessary. Maya is pretty solid right now.

And yes, I am a Maya player.

I feel the devs are taking bad decisions without reading what the maya players have to say.

  • First, they created an usefull Ender that no one asked for. Even the pros don’t know how to use this crap!
  • Second, they turned the original Ender into ■■■■. They should have just limited the damage if that was the issue.
  • Third, they removed the daggers after a blocked DP. The move was completelly punishable, like you said, but when I see other players of the cast using safe DP’s all day I can only think that this cannot be right.
  • Fourth, they removed the dagger throw on shadow leap kick (!). Yes, they removed the only thing left that make the opponents fear maya.

You are suggesting something I had already thought about (release the full dagger powers on instinct) and I think its good, but I really doubt the devs will listen to us.


thats so true.

these one should really be back cause thats just a setup, and we cannot limit a character as the way they did with maya skills ( at last on the shadow version )

She dont need only daggers that was totally unsafe and punishable @100%[quote=“SonicDolphin117, post:2, topic:14374”]
As for your suggestion…it’s not the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard

Ok good to know. thankx

Not really, unless you decide to ditch the combo punish.

Nooooo thanks. The only things she needs, I think, is a tweak to a couple aspects of her juggles to increase damage just slightly, and an adjustment to dagger ender to make it more useful.

The old ender encouraged playing focused on one-chance combos. Even nerfing the damage wouldn’t really fix that. The new ender is underwhelming but I imagine it’ll be changed in 3.4. It would have been very easy for them to make it too strong.

You could not full combo punish, which you can do to cinder and thunder. Fulgore is safe, but has to spend meter, which he often has to spend on other things.

Shadow DP + instinct was giving her way too much damage from a reversal/AA with too few chances to break.

She still has plenty of strong tools.

Not true, I see Amenty and PinkDiamond use it on occasion. It’ doesn’t always work but a lot of times good comes from it.

Then it would’ve been either useless or still dumb one chance rewards.

LOL No. That is false. You could only dp her or grounded punish her with only a few characters.

[quote=“khronosix, post:3, topic:14374”]
Fourth, they removed the dagger throw on shadow leap kick (!). Yes, they removed the only thing left that make the opponents fear maya.
[/quote]It’s still a perfectly functional reversal that does ok damage. Getting a 40% one chance off it in instinct was stupid.

[quote=“khronosix, post:3, topic:14374”]
without reading what the maya players have to say
[/quote]Why would a Maya player ask to get nerfed?

I cannot agree. The dagger was blockable. The devs just had to change her landing to fix that.

You said well, “in instinct”, thats what we are discussing here, because maya’s instinct today is one of the most weak of the cast. If you miss a dagger throw in instinct it takes one year for the dagger return to her hands. The opponent can also block this dagger on shadow dp, just fix her landing in this shadow move too.

That’s not what I said. The intention was to say that the devs and players (not only mayan players) should communicate more before doing changes in crucial mechanics of a character.

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So…you basically just admitted that I was right and you were wrong about it being punishable.

Free and risk free usage of one of the best projectiles in the game and all her normals? Yeah, totally bad.

Oh hi, Omen and Cinder, how are you two doing today?

I really don’t see a lot of Maya players say anything on the forums other than “you nerf my character too much.”

Omen’s and cinder’s instincts are bad?

They’re not bad, just underwhelming compared to the rest of the cast, IMO.

I will not discuss with you about the other questions because you seems to be the type of guy that always need have the “last word” on a discussion, and I don’t have much time for this, but I cannot let you go saying that maya players only complains about nerfs without add anything construtive to the discussion. That’s what we are trying to do here and you are not helping. There are topics in this forum, and you don’t need to browse too much to find them, suggesting really good things to help fix maya’s moves. You are generalizing.

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only maya players please

lol, that’s not how this works.


Your post wasn’t constructive. It was just you complaining that the devs make “bad decisions.” You didn’t add to the topic at all.

And yes, of course I have seen the other Maya suggestions. But IMO, none of them have been well thought out and they all died quickly.

Now that all the Maya players are here, how were you supposed to punish shadow Leap Kick + dagger throw before they took it out?

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“Have you tried the dojo?” Or

“Have you tried blocking?” Or what about

“It’s definitely the controller” Oh I know

“Shall I explain shadow meter?”

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It’s been a while since S2 so I’m not sure I’m right about this, but I believe some characters could dash under her and get a punish.

i said it so , cause too much salty mouths in these forum . i need something positive and constructive.
only real maya player know what good or not, and not the haters.

Thank you . :kissing_closed_eyes: