Buff maya Instinct (only maya players please)

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:heart_eyes: lol was so simple, just block and punish (u can do it as you do with cinder dp or jusr forward to maya dash then punish ) or if u play a dp character just dp ,so lmany way to punish it . but they took it away im so sad. :disappointed_relieved:

between us im sopt really surre only maya players are on here lol ( i feels like one OP dragon kick in this side hahahahah) :joy:


Infil what advantage was maya at if she threw the daggers after her dp again? Wasn’t it something like +4?


Punish with what? Cinder’s DP for 6% damage? Only a few characters in the game have DPs that do “good” damage raw.

What is Maya’s reward for hitting with shadow DP + dagger? A juggle combo into one chance break into cashout for high damage. Your reward for giving up all your offense to block a DP attempt should be more than 6% on average.

Characters without good dashes or reversals are super hosed. They’re either forced to block the daggers and give Maya pips AND frame advantage, or they have to risk hitting with a slow anti-air normal for 5%, and if they mistime it they eat a dagger and a grounded combo.

“It was punishable, just punish it” is not the full story with this move.

Don’t know the exact number, but I’m 99% sure it was a positive number (ie, it was fully her turn).


You don’t punish. You just block forever. That’s how you beat old maya. Just block. She might ■■■■■ up that one time then you can get her…until the cycle happens again. Then just block. It’s clearly the best answer. I mean clearly TC has the best maya knowledge. I can’t argue with that. The guy’s clearly a genius.