Brief change to differentiate Retro and Modern Rash

I was thinking about Rash’s retro outfit and how his redesigned modern outfit would look. So I want to share my idea of how I think Rash should look, Retro and Modern.

- Retro:
Smooth, shiny skin. No scales, no warts.
Bright vibrant, in your face colours.
Lighter-coloured underbelly connects to mouth
small, not very detailed plain grey kneepads (Rash originally didnt have a belt, Zitz had it)
Speedbike is blue
Ram horns and Big Boot are same colour as toad

- Modern:
Detailed scaly, bumpy skin. Lots of warts, some bruises, cuts and scars
Vains running down muscles
Darker colours
Human-like hands
Lighter-coloured underbelly is parted from mouth
Bigger, scarier kneepads and belt (Battletoads logo on belt is red)
belt is attached to red pants (like in the original Battletoads box art)
Wears brass, spiked knuckles.
Forearm guards
Speedbike is black
Ram horns are brown and Big Boot is black

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But the Modern Rash Animations and Personality will be the same?
“Oh Yeah! Im Crashing this party!”
“Those cameos are killing me!”

Make it 8bit style :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, of course. I don’t see why they’d change his staple personality!

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Because a Dark Mutated Angry Frog saying “Iam Crashing this Party!” will be weird :stuck_out_tongue:
(Man… I dont like those emoticons… they are all weird ‘-’)

Yeah, I understand. But it’s just a design difference, it doesnt need to effect the character.

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The Modern Rash Concept its great! It was you that created it? :grinning:
(Man Those Emoticons… THIS IS NOT A SMILE LIKE I WANTED> :smile:)

No, I wish I could create something as good as that haha! I’m not sure who made it but it’s cool, huh?

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Isn’t Rash’s modern alt supposed to look more like this?

Yeah, but just looks like a recolour of his Retro in my opinion

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Then basically its like this?

Default Costume: Comic and Cartoon
Retro Costume: Realistic and Detailed

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Pretty much, yeah!

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Then I totally agreed with your suggestion! :sunglasses:

I really thought his alternate outfits would be just Zit and Pimple

This will make too much confusion :neutral_face:
Te frog chosen to be a guest in KI was Rash… We can’t simply “include” Zitz and Pimple in him…
Its better if Rash remain Rash and Zitz and Pimple appear in Rash Stage :smile:

The one that we have in the game now is his Retro costume. I’m curious to see the “modern” Rash, because that would probably give us a good idea of what he’ll look like in the reboot that is undoubtedly coming.

You said outfits. Do you mean Rash’s accessories should be that of Pimple and Zitz or just colour options?

Perhaps the accessories could work for Zit and Pimple. But would ideally like Something such as Modern/Retro/Zit/Pimple

His Dewlap is missing on both modern and retro versions also his underbelly is parted at the neck despite it being solid in the majority of official Battletoads box art and sprites

Real toads don’t have that gap either

omgI need this this to be an alt color Rash

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I hope the belt is just an accessory it has always been Zits thing to wear a belt and while I know we won’t be getting Zits its weird to give part of his costume to Rash, unless you can give Rash all of Zits, or Pimples costume.

I would rather the belt be for just his non retro costume, except when choosing it as an accessory for his retro costume

I also would like as @VergoVan said for them to connect his mouth to his chest like in the classic games.