Breaking Ant Lion recapture


That crouch HP should be 1 frame breakable (ie, pretty hard but not impossible to break).

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IMO thats just too much damage and actions to be unbreakable. Of course Kan ra players wont think so but I dont really care for it being unbreakable into ultra and taking nearly 50% health.

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We knew about this for awhile now :joy::joy:


Now if Omen could do it Id be down for it.
Im assuming Kilgore has something close with Grab, Stagger, DP, Shadow ball recap, Ultra?


I don’t know. It’s mad inconsistent. If ig were still developing this game i wouldn’t mind the unbreakable not being a thing. They not so idc, i don’t use it anyway.

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Thing is, you can’t stop this unbreakable, every character can do something like this (instinct cancel a manual and cash out big). How would the devs fix it, without removing instinct canceling altogether?

The real question is how easy is it to set up? For Kan, he has to hit st.HK or back HP, which aren’t the easiest buttons to land. He then has to spend instinct and at least 1 bar, probably 2, as well as instinct activation, so he’s going to get a shot at this once or twice a round and it loses to blocking (no high/low/crossup mixup here).

I think most characters can turn 1 or 2 bars + instinct into 50+% for a very difficult to break combo, it’s kind of standard in this game.


Difficult to break and unbreakable are 2 different things. Especially when players with very high skill can nail this combo any time they want to.

Honestly what bugs me more is the shorter the combo without instinct cancel…just straight up unbreakable… Im not really trippin over it if we arent discussing it. But if we are going to discuss it and map out how far it can go… its pretty ridiculous.

The long one might now be easy to hit consistently but the short unbreakable is very consistent because Ive been hit with it and seen it hit ppl several times.

But like I said, no big deal, just seems a bit ridic IMO

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I still don’t really understand the issue though. Jago can land cr HP xx shadow laser sword for 19% unbreakable and level 3 white life. This doesn’t involve a cashout, but it’s still unbreakable. If someone does opener -> ultra for around 19% total life, is there really any difference?

I presume you’re talking about short unbreakable combos leading to ultra (since unbreakables involving cashouts are largely gone in this game).

And yeah, the Kan combos are not hard executionally but actually landing them in a match on a moving, intelligent opponent is where the skill is.


Are you sure about this? I think I can buffer into instinct cancel so I will always cancel on the first active frame. So in case my opponent really hits that frame (which is extremely hard because I can vary cr. HKs timing), CB and instinct cancel happens at the exact same time. I don’t think a CB would win that.

Also, a combo like that is not that unlikely to land. You can skip the stagger stuff and confirm anything into shadow spike which is the big damage dealer here.
But you really have to plan for it. Most Ra players (myself included) will use that instinct on their own wakeup to confirm the opponents okizeme and explode or whatever. That’s a habit I try to get rid of.

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Try doing it on the CPU set to break frame 0. If the CPU can break it, a player should be able to. I’ve never been able to do a manual + instinct cancel without exposing at least one frame to break.

I mean, it’s still really hard to break and you’ll probably get it like 1 in 20 at best in a real match, but it’s an important difference between truly unbreakable and not.

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Okay I tested it. Instinct cancelled manuals ARE breakable and unfortunately it’s not even hard to do if you know it’s coming. Gotta edit my postings.

Thanks for the hint.