Breaking Ant Lion recapture

Why cant you break Kan Ra’s Ant Lion recapture? AM I missing something? Why wouldn’t you be able to break it?
For instance , Kan get you in a good combo, goes the ground bounce ender and it automatically puts you over the sand if one is out. He can recapture you and go straight into ULTRA.

Why wouldnt you be able to break it? Its a a Heavy move is it not? I get no break or time out on it.

HAAALLLPP! I cant stand this KanRa I meet online every week and I feel this is where he gets the upper hand on me… the recapture or the flip out into command grab. Dude is a super troll…I can beat him, but he always wins the set overall. This is the one Combo ender I cant get out of…only shot I have is wait for the recapture and see what AD or linker he doesnt next. But this last time he went straight into Ultra and that really made me salty that I couldnt break it.


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It’s a projectile, so you can’t break it. It also means he can’t cash out after it without giving you a chance to break something else.

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But he can go straight into Ultra? That sucks

SO Im trying to record in the lab and I cant even get the ant lion to come out in time after the ground bounce ender. How do they make it land on the sand every time and get the recap in?

Also does it reset the KV meter or continue from the ender?

I cant get the recap after a neutral command grab but not after the ender. I guess it doesnt matter at this point since I cant break it. I just need to work on breaking Kan ADs , liners and juggle hits.

Thanks for the info

It’s a projectile that recaptures. And yes, I would like it to be breakable too or at least not going into Ultra after it. Hisako does the same with her normal throw with wrath. “Those exceptions” are annoying. If they wouldn’t go right intro Ultra I would complain less about those already annoying characters to fight.

I don’t believe it should be breakable, he did open you up or you committed a mistake, henceforth resulting in a punishment. It’s really just a strong, similar to opener-ultra situation. Just my opinion


Yeah but we are talking about after and ender… the ender is punishment enough.

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You can’t antlion after command grab ender, only after command grab in neutral. Command grab is a damage ender and therefore allows no follow-ups at all.


the sand spike ender is a launcher, but only the level 4 version has enough hang time for an ant lion follow up. The KV from the ender does carry over. A good strategy is doing level 4 launcher into ant lion, then you can perform another ender (unbreakable), such as a swarm or wall splat ender. This lets you get the set ups these enders offer while getting the damage of the sand spike ender (Kan Ras 2nd highest damage ender). This also means that if you are going to die from the ender, he can do level 4 sand spike into ant lion into ultra. good for closing out games

If you have any other Kan Ra questions, just let me know.

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The only way for Kan-Ra to recapture with 2+HK on a ender would be a lv.4 Spike ender or whatever it’s called (236+K). Most of the time He can’t recapture you without a sand trap already in place which is a tell to when he will try to do a command grab.

In terms of if it should be breakable, I’m not so sure. Only 1 strength is required to break it making it a 50/50(S2 Thunder’s Sammamish Follow-Up), is not readily available at all times, and most of all is a projectile. As a character trait it should stay unbreakable.

Cool…but Im not looking to use Kan ra LOL…Im looking to stop those set ups. I got hit with the Ant lion recap into Ultra after an ender. Super salty.

I’m not a huge fan of ant-lion being unbreakable (and find the “it’s a projectile” reasoning unpersuasive), but it’s a conscious design choice and it’s not changing. So it’s just one of those “is what it is” kind of things, and may as well make your peace with it. To be fair, I think a reasonable argument can be made that the character needs it in the current form of the game. You can’t cash out directly from it, so it behaves like an opener in most situations.

That being the case, I’m 100% on board it being usable in an opener->ultra context. It’s not too dissimilar from how Sako gets to use influence after all, so I’m not against unbreakable follow-ups in principle or anything.


Since this is all kan ra, let me just ask that please devs, give kan ra air actions after air scarab cuz most of the cast can cover multiple options at once.

It will be a game changer for s3 kan, while awaiting bug fixes,cough, shadow scrab

He has some pretty slick juggles and ticks into “neutral” command grab that make it seem like a combo. So command grab into unbreakable recapture projectile into Ultra feels pretty wrong.

I would prefer that it be breakable. Does anyone else have a recapturing projectile? In any event it’s good to know it’s unbreakable and that I’m not just getting the timing wrong.

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Well… dang… Nerf Rash! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess the best defense against Ant Lion into Ultra, is to not get into that mess.

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I think it’s not breakable because Kan has no options there besides recapture. He’s not like other characters who can juggle you with hard to break stuff and cash out with shadow ender for good damage (TJ, Sadira, Cinder, Maya, etc), so the fact that those chars minus Sadira have a “break it or don’t break it” recapture isn’t so stifling on their offense.

Kan has nothing except recapture or hitting you once with the slow curse after command grab, AND he has to have sand near you before landing it on top of that. If he was forced to play a counter break game every time he wanted to convert off a command grab that also requires additional setup, I think he is much worse – certainly, people don’t have to be nearly as scared of command grab, which is the main reason why you can’t just block out Kan’s pressure right now.




WOLVES! :smiley:

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Yea @FallofSeraphs76 I understand your concern about ant lion after the launcher ender. But truth is he can only recap after a level 4 and due to the fact that its not easy to achieve a level 4 ender with Kan in the first place I don’t see the end being the part that is of biggest concern to you. To get that he most likely had to do some heavy autos, counter breaker, reset or have you lock out early to even get level 4 and usually spend at least 1 meter. Plenty of chances to break and or get out. Also in most cases if you were that close to death when he got the level 4 ender into recap to ultra unless he had no meter he could have killed with Shadow clutch cash out. No doubt about it. Ant lion recap as a projectile is powerful and I use it myself to end matches so i wont say its not annoying to other players. I don’t mind making it breakable if we are also going to make all other projectiles in the game breakable as well. Please also keep in mind that Ant lion can not be used to counter break and does add KV to Kan.