Brainstorming Season 3 Ideas and Concepts

Tag-Team – This is a 1v1 mode. Tag in characters during match up (2v2 or 3v3). Similar to Marvel vs Capcom. I don’t think this can happen since KI wasn’t built for this.

Team Battle – This is a 1v1 mode. Each person can select teams of 2 or 3 DIFFERENT characters (pending 2v2 or 3v3). Each character gets one life bar. Cannot tag out of character and must play out each life bar. The order is selected prior to the match. After characters life bar is depleted, the character is swapped with the next one. Shadow meter carries over. ARIA would probably be ineligible.

Clan Battle – Similar to team except multiple players can play. 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5. Each player selects a character and they get two lifebars (Optional 1 lifebar). Ongoing, survival battle until final person is eliminated from a “clan”. Order of characters pre-determined. Shadow bars are reset after a person is eliminated. ARIA would probably be ineligible.

Tournament Mode – In lobbies/rooms of 4,8, 16, and maybe 32, Host can setup up a tournament bracket (Single or Double Elimination). Random seeding or host can select seeding. Matches can be ran individually or simultaneously. Optional Best of 3 or Best of 5. This would be a good addition to lobby mode in lieu of having King of Hill.

A decision tree type storyline, where if you win or lose affects the ending outcome. The main storyline will be full have CGI cutscenes. When you veer off the main storyline, it goes to a comic book storyboard/narration. 3 loses overall will end the story for a bad ending and you get 1 continue/retry for the main storyline. One character will have the main storyline. Others will have side quest or “alternate universe” type storylines. (For instance if you did an evil villain storyline or guest character storyline……RASH)

Online training (1v1)

Manual Training for each character

Updated Dojo to encompass new mechanics (Recaptures, air combo breakers, etc…)

Add voice narration to original DOJO as an option.

Combo Trials for each character. Dojo includes a trial for Jago combos.

View all lobbies that are currently open and being able to select the lobby. Not a fan of joining random lobbies

Reset leagues every month. Maybe make leagues every other month so people don’t get burnt out on “grinding” to top 32. For every other month without leagues, revert back to season 1 ranks. Have the ability to get rank down from killer as well.

Buff omen’s design. Even though he is a “bonus” character; not many people know that. A lot of complaints in regards to his design by newcomers. Update model and include retro (I’m a Omen main)

New colors and accessories for Season 1 and Season 2 characters. Update level to 100?

Maybe have each character have a new move where they use their entire shadow meter.

Guest characters – RASH, Joanna Dark, Lara Croft, whomever

Include training stage as a selectable stage. Option to select music from original KI or make it randomized.

Alternate color or themes for Season 1 and Season 2 stages

Remixes of Season 1 and Season 2 stage music by new composers. Optional to select these or make it random

Retro Stages from SNES and N64 KI games

Customizable of fight bars, Timer, shadow meter, etc…(Color/ Design/etc……)


Definitely like the idea of manual training! I’m awful at the timing, though that’s on me. Not sure how the game could help me fix that.

-Dojo mode for all characters.

-Pro Training: Have pros record YouTube videos that show them using and explaining some of their tech for characters and integrate this in to actually trusting you how to do it.

-Bonus Survival Mode: A variation on survival where power ups fall from the sky or out of the opponent when you do certain things. Health, points, temporary speed/power boosts, special item unlocks, double/triple XP matches, temporary debuffs etc.

Shadow Battles- Train your shadow and battle them against other peoples shadows. Level Shadows. You and your opponent watch the battle. You have the option to control if they play defense, rushdown, neutral etc…

Online Multiplayer team mode

Make it more Casual friendly
Watched a couple of videos of very casual people come back to KI because of Rash and like I said in an old thread I made in the old forums, KI is still not casual friendly. People were literally shouting “How did you do that!” when a character went into instinct. HP HK should not be in the game. Casuals don’t know and won’t ever bother to look up what those letters mean. Why do fighting games keep putting that. Also before some guy says it, no I don’t mean dumbing down the game in terms of combat.

New Mechanics
It’s a new season people should have to get used to updates in terms of combat imo. Just like how season 2 introduced recaptures season 3 should have something new. My suggestion is Super Jumps. Pls god let their be super jumps.

Hire Graphic Designers
Am sure the new guys will do a fantastic job for the soundtrack now put that level of importance in the look of the game. Hire professional UI designers from Behance. A lot of what is in KI looks amateur hour compared to every other fighting game. The game needs a unified design look that defines KI.

Make the game more Ominous
The original KI wasn’t MK level gore but it was dark and gritty. This game has no similarities in tone compared to the old games and to be honest feels at times like it’s just a complete joke. Stop trying to be like Marvel by adding humor any possible way you can. Make it more ominous especially since this is the rise of Gargos.

Community Driven Skins
Holiday skins were cool, what happened? They just happened once a year. Am sure people would pay for holiday skins if they were available only during that time of the year. Shago was a cool event. Make more of these things that gather found for KI events. Do a “Watch 8bit beatdown or some other event and get this skins for free”.

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All of these are great ideas. I really like the idea of being able to customize to UI by changing the color/theme of it. Tournament mode would be cool, I could see a lot of people starting their own online mini-tournaments.

I have an idea: What about a Replay Channel kinda like USFIV? After ranked matches, you could choose to upload the replay of that match or not. When you visit the Replay Channel, you can search by characters (individuals, or by Seasons), players, newest/oldest replays, etc. Of course it doesn’t have to be called “Replay Channel” and I of course would want them to try to make it more unique and not just a clone of USFIV’s Replay Channel.

Additional Ideas -
Guaranteed Combo Breaker that is not counter-breakable. It will costs a full shadow meter and full instinct

An Alternate Ultra for each character that is short and sweet

Alternate intros pending if you are fighting your rival or if you a specific accessory equipped

Alternate outro pending if you are fighting your rival, have a specific accessory equipped, whether or not your supremed your opponent, and/or you single/doubled Ultraed your opponent

A Stage Creator Mode, build and share unique stages with people online

S1 Stage Ultras! Long overdue if you ask me.

Eyedol should have two stances an offensive and defensive.

Gargos should be a flying grappler, ideas should be taken from firebrand

That would be great. More Ultras could never hurt!

Team Battle, Tournament mode and online practice would be at the top of my list but most of the other ideas are cool too.

Tag mode should have one health bar per character and limit it to Two Characters. Though the option of 1v2 should also be available, giving the 1 character two healthbars. Have raw tags be unsafe, but allow a new mechanic that gives you a tag during combos. But as its KI let the other opponent have the ability to perform a TAAAG BREAAKER! possibly with a correct guess and a cost of meter.

Make it a separate mode, so if its grossly unbalanced people can still rely on 1v1. And also allow tagging with your own shadow like a cool guy.

A story mode AND an classic arcade mode, with Aria as the sub boss and Gargos as the final boss.

The idea mentioned above for shadow only fights would be great too.

Lastly, if Tusks theme can sound something along the lines of this.
I’ll be a happy man.

How about having the option to increase from 2 rounds to 3 (3 lifebars per character) rounds in unranked matches.

A trophy case to better show the accolades and accomplishments you’ve earned

Fixing the character loading at the character select screen

Different selectable color schemes for menus

Rash as an announcer

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I kind of still want a female announcer (that isn’t ARIA). The ARIA one is a good option but I don’t think it’s what people had in mind when it was brought up.

Other than that, ultimates, no mercys, stage ultras for s1 stages, and character specific dojo stuff are all things I’m rooting for this season!

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As always… fixing retro designs for obviously broken S1 characters :slight_smile:

Team elimination (like in KI Gold) is a good suggestion from OP (and others)

Remade Classic Stages with remade/remastered classic music

Online training

Dojo for each character

New character colors, accessories and even skins

Tournament mode for online, so stuff like 8bit Beatdown will become much easier for the organizers

Oh, and Ultimates of course, but they should kinda know that by now

And please no training stage outside of training, I will die if KI turns into bland-to-look-at-fighting-game like all the others :’(

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I would love manual training. Normally that’s all I do on practice but I’d love that as a mode over combo breaker training anyway

This and shadow combo breaking is all I would need to level up and join these 8 bit beatdowns.

Shadow Counter Training Mode