Bought my first fightstick, a Razer Atrox. Tips?

I’ll be receiving it on Wednesday. Any specific tips on what I should expect? Any mods that are worth looking into? Getting it to work on pc, I hear, could be an issue.

Aside from all of that, I’ll be looking for artwork including Riptor and Hisako. Hit me up with some you like.

2lb spring and 1.0 kowal actuator maybe a octagonal gate or a bat top

Look in art work section

Getting it to work on pc can be tricky but i discovered the method

Silencer pads and sounds like this is your first stick watch some youtube type in fightstick and look for gooteks basic videos holding the joystick is allnprefenxe on manner you like

What is the actuator for? I know the other 2, but that is something I haven’t heard of.

Go to in search 1.0 kowal

[Here’s the link for gootecks video on holding the stick and pressing the buttons] (

It was the difference between hating and loving my arcade stick, specially on holding the stick itself. I always moved the entire hand and his tip greatly improved my technique.

Same here i struggled to find my hand placement i looked up everything now after watchijg gooteks basic video and the show witb mike Ross helped everyday for about a week or two i work on just fire ball motions dps till i could do them 9 out 10 times dps i learned you can hit forward and hit oje the corners in square gate and comes out everytime

Thanks for the suggestions man. Is everything easy to replace, or did you have any trouble?

When u first use the fight stick, it will feel like day 1 all over again. You will have to get past “character awkwardness” all over again. Movement will be difficult. And honestly, there is no advantage to using a fight stick, so the only reason to use it is if it truly is funner for you than a controller.

Ofcourse. By no means am I expecting to be great. I just felt compelled to give it an honest go with KI. I’ve only played Tekken at an arcade, and it felt weird whenever I did, but since I’ve played KI for a year and a half I would like to become more precise.

On a controller, you can mash to get what you want, where as on a stick I feel my inputs are more deliberate.

The hardest part is getting the clip of not letting everthing fal out and puttinf the new spring on with kowal u wont have to make as big of motions

I hate my stick. I just do not like square gates. I can’t do qc with them because I always do down forward without the diagonal.

You cant do fire balls on stick? Watch gooteks how to use joystick video its differnt to thr fight stick basics he made

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I blame the square gate. I always skip the diagonal part.

Why don’t you buy the Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate? I can’t do DPs either with a square so I switched over to this one, its not expensive and it is a solid piece. Careful replacing it with the old one while you do it but once you prop it in, you should be all set.

I’m trying to imagine how that’s even possible. Are you sure your stick isn’t broken? It’s harder to avoid the diagonal than it is to hit it.

The problem I have is hitting forward after down-forward (and vice versa) on the square plate. I had to put the stick away until I get my parts in.

Dps are easier on square sounds like yall need to practice dps 100 a day on each side

Literally all i do is tap right ir left then hit the corner and it comes out

not sure if this will help anyone but it just might help those with dps

Funnily enough, I can dp way better on stick than on pad, but my qcf and qcb motions sick on stick due to the square plate.