Bought my first fightstick, a Razer Atrox. Tips?

I would agree with that. Bought te fight stick but 90% prob still use controller

Fire balls are easy as hell on stick

For some reason, either I go passed forward and jump or I don’t get to forward and just do down, down-forward. The square gate is really ■■■■.

Go in to training hit
Put on input display hit down then down right then right do it real slow should be 3 clicks

I have been for the past month and half. I still miss the input most of the time. On pad I have a 99.9% hit rate. The problem is the square gate’s corners are so deep that I get caught in them.

That makes it even easier i think your playing to fast. Turn on input and just do the motion till it looks clean then add punch

My execution was bad till i got a 2lb spring and a kowal

You gotta play like an asian kid trying not to wake up his mom literally 3 clicks is all you should hear

How are you holding rhe stick

Everyone just go complete the dojo with the fight stick.

Twice if you have to.

That’s what I did and I don’t make many mistakes now.

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I’m in the process of going through the dojo with it right now. However, it’s taking forever.

Its not easy. I got mad and did some things im not proud of with my stick. :frowning:

At first it can def. be very frustrating.

But you gotta stick to it, if you feel you’re getting frustrated, go grab some water or a drink, chill for a couple of minutes take some time to think about it prescribe your hand movement without the stock, come back refreshed.

Try a different exercise. If you’re practicing DP’s switch to fireballs and vice versa.

Even if that other move is a lot easier to pull off, it’ll soothe your mind and relax you to know that you’re succeeding at that move. Do it 30 times then switch and try again the other move.

Don’t switch too fast between them because you won’t give your brain enough tries to build the proper muscle memory.

Most importantly don’t give up.

HEHE… “stick”

After another tournament incident with a Razer stick (Rico), do you Razer stick users had any similar issues yourselves??

No i got mine re soddered everything.

Haven’t had any problems over the last 4 months that I’ve owned mine, and it’s still all stock.