Bloody Roar

Seeing this!

Perhaps there is hope for Bloody Roar to come back.


Yes! I would love to see a bloody roar remake.
To play as Jenny, Gado, ShenLong, Shina once again that is a dream come true

While I have nostalgia goggles for Bloody Roar, I’d just like a single character like that within KI’S3.

I don’t see Instinct and transforming as being different, so I’ll settle for a full on visual transformation with a near completely different set of moves between normal and Instinct mode.

BR don’t have a shoto in their game, even though Yugo is the main hero. They’ll get one somehow. Even give every one fighting styles instead of a few who are martial artists.

Boxing - Yugo
Kung Fu - Long, Shenlong & Uriko
Ninjutsu - Bakuryu & Kohryu
Wrestling - Stun (Pro Wrestling), Ganesha (Sumo Wrestling)

I like the calls on Toshinden, Power Stone (would’ve had it higher than six though), Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Primal Rage and Bloody Roar.

I’m not saying King of the Monsters, Time Killers, Bushido Blade, Clay Fighter and Saturday Night Slam Masters are bad games. I like all of them. But I’d personally rather have Fighting Vipers, Rival Schools, Eternal Champions, Mace: The Dark Age and Weaponlord over any of them.

As for Bloody Roar… Man that game gets a lot of love in the Off Topic forum, it seems! No problem with that, as I remember enjoying the first few games. Wouldn’t mind seeing that series resurface again. Wish MS would take a few more dead fighting games and resurrect them the way they did with KI. New iterations of Mace: The Dark Age, Weaponlord and Bloody Roar would all be awesome additions to the XB1.

I’d like to see a remake/reboot of the series or a Bloody Roar 5, but sadly, I doubt it gonna happen because, you know, Konami… :sob: :sob: :sob:

What would be nice is to fix the story:

  • How did the zoans (zoanthropes for short) exist?
  • An antagonist that would reveal himself/herself responsible for the zoans’ creation.
  • One human that isn’t zoan is fighting in the war.

Look at the world we are living in. Perhaps the story can get inspiration from that.



Sounds interesting :smiley:

Anyone else interested in bringing Bloody Roar back? KI returned. Why not BR do the same?

If there was only a way that it can rival SF, MK and TK.

Perhaps IG should try Bloody Roar for PS4.

Long the tiger for life.

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Thats up to konami not ig. Its unlikely to make a return.

Can anyone think of making a petition for Konami to reboot Bloody Roar?

Here’s how I would picture Bloody Roar’s characters and stories:

  • Yugo: Following Ryu, Jin and the other shoto fighters (though Yugo isn’t shoto), he is the lone wolf, searching for the answers of his father’s death. His father is a zoan like him, as the first being made.

  • Bakuryu: Ryuzo Kato, the 1st Bakuryu will be first. The next game, he’ll “die” but be reborn as Kohryu. With Kenji taking over, they’ll both forge a rivalry.

  • Long & Shenlong: Both will be different tigers - Long (Siberian) & Shenlong (Bengal). They’ll start off as enemies (in a sequel), then (in later games) they’ll be archrivals. Shenlong will be a rogue zoan.

  • Gado: He’ll act a secret character who’ll be in the shadows watching over Yugo. He’ll act as the “Solid Snake” of BR.

If there’ll be a main antagonist in Tylon, it’s gotta be someone who was responsible in organizing and creating the zoanthropes during those years in secret in forging a new humanity.

Just an idea.

We need to get Konami to resurrect Bloody Roar!

Guess no one’s interested. :disappointed:

I think this might be the 26th thread made on this forum about Bloody Roar. And I’ve said the same in all of them!

Would LOVE to see Jenny return!


Will your team think about bringing back Bloody Roar the same way you guys did with KI? For Playstation & XBOX!

You have to understand, it is not Keits’ or Iron Galaxy’s choice. It’s not even Microsoft’s.
Konami owns the rights to the Bloody Roar franchise, so it is up to them whether or not they wish to bring back the franchise and whether or not they want to hire a team like Iron Galaxy to make it.

It’s not easy to bring back lost game franchises is it. Konami feels like the worst right now.

Definitiely not.
Konami has to estimate if it is worth making a new Bloody Roar game. If it doesn’t bring in a surplus of money, then it won’t be worth making. And they will only gain that surplus if enough people buy the game, and that will only happen if it becomes popular enough.

And as it is now, Bloody Roar is not one of the more popular fighting game franchises. It never really was.