Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

i dont know how many of you know about this spiritual successor to castlevania. its the metroidvania style many have to come to love over the past years. some are done with that particular style i know, but ill take it. good to see iga is back on the wagon with another game in the style of akumajou dracula, rather than the direction konami had taken castlevania with the lords of shadow gig.

so who else is excited for this project? i know i am, i threw down $60 bucks and looks like ill be getting the E3 demo this week. oh man its also awesome to hear michiru yamane’s work being put into the game by providing the soundtrack. Symphony of the Night was absolutely killer in that department back in 97 (and all the other castlevania’s she did)


I seen a video about this…looks awesome! i so stuck in the middle of Castlvania Mirror of fate on 3DS…that sucker is hard!

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I was arguing with a guy on another forum about its visual appearance just yesterday… I said it was not impressive but very neat, he said the artists are dumb and he could do better than this because it is done in 3D and not 2D… However I am very hyped for this project. I played a little of every Castlevania with a friend of mine back in the days and I really love them. Moreover I am a fan of metroidvania games in general, so I hope it will be good!!

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the game doesnt look revolutionary by any stretch atm, i dont even think this will be how it looks when all is completed. but to me, its good enough because i would hope the gameplay is up to my expectations for these metroidvania games. give me a simple looking game but plays fuckking killer and i am happy! i even think its charming in its own way, brings me back to the old days before all the technological marvels we have today visually.

it was so hype when i saw Iga’s big intro video at the start of the funding process. i was overjoyed that it funded so quickly (i think even faster than Mighty No. 9 iirc). also his little secret campaign months in advance where you decoded a pentagram that said “what a horrible night to have a curse” was also hype lol

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I am really looking forward to this.
The 2D Castlevanias are simply awesomely superb.
Amazing art, amazing bossfights, amazing music.
BUT. The lvldesign suffered in the later games.
Portrait of Ruin especially. If you remember anything from that game many rooms were just an empty square, sometimes ledges to hop on to get up. You just walk forward or back, no hills, bumps, no slopes. Everything is just flat.

I’ve seen some of this is still present in this game.

After watching the video above you see exactly what I mean regarding the design.

yep i know, but im holdin judgement until it goes gold and we have the official copy in our consoles/PCs. if it is the same i will be critical of it. i dont think there is anything goin on there simply because its not even in the game yet, but then idk how far along into development they are, but obviously enough to showcase at E3

They said release 2017 iirc.

From what we’ve see the game will most definately have a lot of rooms like these.
They seem to focus on making interesting backgrounds instead of making varied grounds to run on.

With enemies present i’m sure we won’t think as much on the flat ground. We have other things to focus on then.
Maybe they find it a challenge to place enemies on grounds that are uneven.

In a way it’s the same with Dark Souls. You fight many enemies/bosses in large empty areas. Placing an enemy on a rock outcut above you will be a bit tricker to get to.

I’ve been following this one for a while. Will def buy this game.

Consider this is a very early stage of design and this should be the first level of the game. Also the target of the video is to show the level itself. With enemies, HUD and various effects I’m pretty sure the global effect of the game will benefit.

This is exactly what I think.

Yeah I also put $60 down the day this got announced and I absolutely can’t wait for it! As soon as I saw this video I immediately went and loaded up SotN and started a new game (for what has to be the billionth time lol).

I like the art style and the 3D doesn’t bother me at all. It’s more the aesthetic that I care about. How the setting and the music and the little touches here and there combine to provide that overall Castlevania feel and I think this game, based on that video, will have it in spades. I honestly couldn’t be happier with how this is progressing.

As for the Lords of Shadow games, I like those two and think that they have their place. But this type of experience is something that not only strikes a great nostalgic chord, but brings something together that I absolutely love playing, and that almost seems to be something of a rarity for me these days, at least in this level, so I’ll definitely treasure it when it happens.

Hopefully this game turns out as well as I’m thinking it will!

here is some bloodstained gameplay from e3! i believe backers should be getting this demo that they are showing off on the floor during the week. id say so far so good, definitely feeling that old magic from the past games i used to play so much. what a trip down memory lane, i look forward to seeing it complete

Hey, anyone want my Steam code for the E3 demo of Bloodstained? I don’t have a Steam account so it’s pretty much useless to me so I thought someone on here might want it?

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I’m not interested, but I do want to say that this is really cool of you to do this for someone who IS interested!

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Thanks, man! Much appreciated.:slight_smile:

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I’m totally interested in this if it’s still available! If not, I understand :slight_smile:

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Any got this game already?

gonna find out when i get home

Not yet, but it’s on it’s way! Can’t wait. :smiley:

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