Blonde female fighter

So far we got Orchid, Sadira, Maya & Hisako for human females. But I don’t see a blonde female in KI yet.

After reading Sadira’s expanded story, how would you picture a new female taking her place in Ultratech?

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With the right color scheme, Maya can be a blond; also Riptor can be a red head with the correct accessories. :slight_smile:

Blonde doesn’t really tell us much it’s just a hair colour what kind of fighter would she be spy, assassin, warrior ect.

KI could use an angel character or a wrestler maybe they could be blonde

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Only if she has a Bo-Staff. :slight_smile:

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Would this gameplay help?

She can be an Ultratech agent taking Sadira’s place after the spider lady joins Gargos’ side. Either she joined the corporation willingly or is being controlled by the same technology used on Aganos.

Perhaps using “Roxy Rave” can fit.

A nice telepathy female would
Be cool

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I could see an Ultratech suit / agent type having a sort of Nina Williams vibe. Someone to replace Sadira, as @SourSaturn99690 suggested. I like that idea.

Don’t know how similar is want her to be to Nina in terms of gameplay though. I liked @BblackorchidD’s idea of having her be a telepathy character. That kind of genetic modification sounds like something Ultratech would do to their own agents.

Love those ideas, guys!



I added Sarah Bryant.

Ah, good call there too! Love how she looks and plays.

Another idea, if anyone’s looking for a pro-wrestler type, would be Tina Armstrong from DOA. I’m not particularly crazy about that idea for KI specifically, as I’d rather see a judo type, but I do tend to enjoy the Tinas. Wolfs and Kings of the fighting game world.

Talk about the wrestler in the other thread.

I was honestly just referring to her because she’s a blonde female fighter. Didn’t mean to start up a conversation about wrestler characters though I can see why you’d think that based on my comment, but I hear ya.

thats literally zero suit samus from metroid :joy:

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