Blazblue Cross Tag Battle announced!

I actually can’t believe this is real. I thought the trailer was a joke until they showed the title. Arcsys is the goddamn best! I wonder if there’ll be more RWBY characters than just ruby rose? I don’t know much about that show but it’s crazy that this is actually happening!


Yeah, saw this one as well just a few moments ago.
I wonder if they will put a few Guilty Gear characters in there as well just for good measure.
It’s overall just Arc System Works All-Stars, with Ruby Rose as a guest character.

Somewhere, Monty Oum is smiling.


As long as I get to play as Kanji Tatsumi, I will be happy.

Well, UNIEL isn’t arcsys–they’re just the publisher for the JP console release. UNIEL is developed by french bread, the folks that made melty blood and dengeki bunko fighting climax.

It would be really sick to see some characters from melty blood in this game, but the style of those sprites is so different it would probably clash way too much with the rest of the characters even if they could make them roughly the same height.

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True, but still associated with Arc System Works.

I wonder how far out the final roster reaches…

It looks like they’re bringing the sprites over unchanged from their source games so I’m expecting a pretty big roster. For uniel gordeau and merkava are pretty much guaranteed since they’re so iconic to that series and I also expect eltnum just to add another layer of crossover weirdness. From blazblue noel is very likely and considering how popular he is bang is almost certainly in too.


I really hoping for someone left of field. Ruby give hope (sorta).

I want to campaign for Rockin’ Kat!

If I get to play Makoto and SHO Minazuki on the same team, I could honestly officially quit KI


Cool, very cool. Neat, really neat. Nice, very nice. Not bad, not bad at all :slight_smile: :grin: :thumbsup:

Puppeteer team incoming!

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I LOVE persona characters&
this is AMAZING

Isn’t Eltnum a Melty Blood character? If they’re mostly reusing sprites from all these series she could appear from UNIB.

I can’t view the video right now, but it’s cool to see new games getting made - especially ones that aren’t just updates to existing games. “BlazBlue calamity extend ultra arcade edition.”

I doubt they are just reusing the sprites. Or at least I hope they don’t. I expected them to idk re-design them to look like the blazblue aesthetic. Or at least have one art style or something.

I’m afraid of the game looking like some kind of Mugen game. With severe clashes of art style in a hodgepodge mishmash. I may be over exaggerating but I can’t help but think that if they simply reuse sprites from their separate games it will look like 3rd strike ryu fighting mk3 scorpion and MVC origin mega man. At least some work has to be done on the sprites and attacks

I feel the complete opposite way. Reusing sprites should allow them to have a pretty large cast at release, and the sprites already look great. UNIEL has a different style of art, but it’s not so different that the game is going to look bad because of it.

She is, I’m just saying, melty has other super sick characters that would be cool to see in this.

I don’t think it’s that bad. If you compare a sprite from Blazblue to a sprite from Persona, it fits well enough. I would be more worried about the height differences the sprites may cause.

If guilty gear is in this game it’s a rap.

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GG characters would need new sprites, the XX sprites are too small to really work with the other characters. If there is a GG rep I’m gonna imagine it’ll only be one, as like a bonus character.

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