Blazblue Cross Tag Battle announced!


Lets see those Hokuto no ken characters so we can have basket ball combos.

Also pls give me UNIB version of Filia


Wow. I can’t believe they took a Skullgirls character and managed to make her even more busty and upskirt… that’s impressive.

@HailFireSpawn on the subject of reusing sprites, I have a feeling it will be mostly reused sprites. With everything Arc System Works has going on at the moment, it’s tough to imagine them having artists devoted to new sprites and animations when they can use old assets. Historically, the Capcom vs SNK games did this and for good reason. I don’t think the market for these crossover games is big enough to justify the additional work. You might see one or two new sprites, but if they are redoing everything I would expect a pretty small roster.


LoL… wait… did this Thread just die out before the game even came out ?

Shame on all of you !!!

Must have something to do with the Controversy of “They done dumb mah BlazBlue bro”…

Anyway… I’ve always struggled learning Tag Games and wanted to know how other people managed to do it… especially Anime Fighting Games which are complicated enough in 1 vs 1 already.

AFTER fiddling around with a few of the characters I can safely say this Game is still pretty ■■■■ hard… all the characters that had Negative Edge inputs in their home game still have them in Tag and they are no less easier to do here and still require an Arcade Stick…Tiger Knee is also still a thing for many of the characters too.

Also I wanted to Clarify one thing that keeps popping up… AutoCombos… despite what it may seem like BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE DOES NOT HAVE AUTOCOMBOS !!! I can understand the confusion because its likely people who play BlazBlue also play other fighting games just like it… However if they branched out even more they would realise Tag’s Smart Combos are nothing like Central Fiction’s Stylish mode. ArcSystem work’s biggest mistake was drawing unnecessary attention to them by giving them a new name, Smart Combos. But really its just a Revolver System without the actual revolving since its 2 buttons instead of 3 or more… more importantly nothing was actually lost in this new system.

Sure you could say Ragna lost the ability to do a Raw 5C and that in Tag you could only get that move from Chaining A.A… but thats a moot point because Raw 5C in Central Fiction was outclassed by 5B anyways… and if you needed to increase its range to match 5C then all you had to do was Kara Cancel 5B. 5C’s only purpose was to remind you how crappy your execution is… in Tag the process of Kara Cancelling A is made easier by just pressing 6A… every character’s normal has a Microdash built into to it when inputting it with 6… negating the need for normals with slightly better range but no chain routes.

One could also argue that the Tag’s Chain Routes are more limited since you can’t chain lights into heavies like you could in Central Fiction and UNIST…

Now I don’t know about UNIST by Chain Routes have always been limited in BB and GG… you couldn’t chain A’s into C’s anyway… I mean you could but nobody ever did because even on counter hit some of them wouldn’t combo…

All Tag did was take every character’s ideal Chain route and assign them to two normals instead of 3 or more… whatever got lost was never useful to begin with.

So yeah thats the whole “Auto Combo” debate in a nutshell… if people don’t like it then thats cool… but theres nothing dumbed down about it.

As for the stuff like people whining about missing tools and whatever, that just comes from them not realising that this is a Tag Game. Whatever gimmick your character used to have has been replaced by Tag Gimmicks… which probably result in way more depth and options than one measly special move. GET WITH THE PROGRAM !!! I mean… I can’t because I find Tag Daunting but still… GET WITH THE PROGRAM !!!.


So I decided to learn BBTAG… not because I actually like it… I’m doing it just to Spite French Bread !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m even using UNIST Characters exclusively just to rub it in !!! It helps that one of them is actually fun.