Bitten/nipped, clawed/scratched, stung, or even all of the above?

Have you ever been bitten/nipped, clawed/scratched, stung, or even all of the above before? In my case I have before for ALL OF THE ABOVE listed:

Bitten/Nipped: Two Chow Chows, one when I was a very young kid a very long time ago and the other a few years back. Ants also when I was a very young kid a very long time ago. Awhile back a really small centipede and just recently a fancy chinchilla. Mosquitoes and ducks as well.

Clawed/Scratched: A stray cat

Stung: A wasp

Huh? What you talk about?

The thread’s title is pretty self-explanatory: Have you ever been bitten, scratched, stung, or even all of the above before

Oh oh I understand! I get many stung, everyone time when I visit my aunt’s home then Bee chased me! Spider bite my eyebrow… My eyebrow had big disgusting pus s! I hate bee and spider!

I have a cat who likes to bite and scratch lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I was attacked by bees recently. I was standing near a bee-hotel, an artificial bees nest. Some guys came and cleaned it up, angering the bees. I was ehhmm… curious enough to go stand close and the bees attacked me. First time ever attacked by bees. To bystanders it was hilarious.

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I know how your feels…

Landed on a fire ant nest playing football with some of my friends. Worst Pain EVER. LOL

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Been stung by a bee, bitten by a dog, but the worst was when I was stepped on a dead wasp and the stinger went up in to my heel. That was not a fun day lol

Bit by dog as a kid,
scratched by glass got a small scar in a perfect line through my left eyebrow to prove it,
stung by wasp inside my ear,
stung by bees,
clawed by cat (Accidental on his part)

I got sent to the hospital by a cat as a kid.
I was wearing a neon yellow-green shirt and it had turned black with the amount of blood I lost.

What’s happening?

Responding to thread title. Asking about bites, scratches, etc.
Giving an example of a time I got bitten, stratched, etcetera’d

That’s really hurt!

When I was 7 I was bitten in the face, twice by a dog. It wasn’t really the dogs fault, I was a really dumb kid. I was pulling on her tail thinkin that if she could run I’d fly in the wind like a flag. Sadly the dog ended up having to get taken away. I honestly still feel bad about the dog having to pay for a mistake I made…

I’ve been bitten by ants. I was poking through the dirt with a stick when it suddenly went deep. As soon as I pulled out all these red-ants came running out of the hole. One of em bit me on the finger so in rae I just started to stomp on them like crazy.

I’ve been scratched a few times by my dog but it was by accident obviously we were playing and get got a bit rough.

I haven’t been stung by anythin yet, but I ALMOST did by a bee. I was wearing a yellow shirt and we were leaving my grandmother’s house. Soon as I sat in the car I herd my nephew shouting and telling me not to move, I turned my head and there was a freakin’ bee, sittin on my shoulder. there was this awkward pause where the bee “buzzed” as if it was creeplily whispering into my ear. One bs panic later and the ■■■■■ flew away.

I’ve never been bitten by a spider which is a surprise considering I’ve taken so many out of the house.

I was also nipped by my aunt’s cat but that’s what you get for getting all teasing with your fingers.

How the hell did the cat do that to you!? O_O did it just get pissed and mauled you? DAMN.

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I picked him up to say hello and pet him, and he clawed the ever living ■■■■ out of my face and head. Apparently kitty was rather violent, as later he got so determined to est my dad’s hand that he had to smack it with a BRICK.
Needless to say, we went to the neighbors and recommended they put their cat to sleep.
Side note: Just remembered that a horse named Mr Magoo bit my bottom once, or at least the small of my back. Painful, shocking, but really funny to look back on :stuck_out_tongue:
Less fun side note: I just remembered a time I got a scar because I was playing tag and a girl’s nail caught on my accident. Would be a h.ell of a scar story if the scar didn’t somehow heal up a few years later… HOW?

Yep, but the bright side is, I learned never to do that ■■■■ again, so when it comes to dealing with animals you do grow out of your stupidity, but it doesn’t always apply it to everyone.

Ah I see, maybe the cat didn’t wanna get picked up and you weren’t aware of it. regaurdless that is a pretty unsually agressive cat.

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few days ago, My mom get Wasp stung. Wasp stung my mom’s face on her birthday! I was very bad feeling about her… But she’s fine right now, I’m really happy for her! : )

My brother Justathereptile got stung by a be once…you won’t beleive what he was doing at the time of it. XD it’s a hell ridiculous.

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Which wasp stung on your brother’s face or legs?