Big problems with the game!


Me and many other people (you can read many feedbacks on the “hub”, or on the french site have the same problem : since the patch 3.5, the “Shadow Lord” does not work…

Once we have chosen our team in “Shadow Lord”, we just run on the “Tour 1” to fight the first mimic. And we all have the same weird black screen, with “Tour 1” written in blue.

We wait again and again, but nothing happens… So me and the others players did the same thing : leave the game and restart it. And when we come back, it still does not work, but also the game thinks we lost the fight, so our fighter is dead !

Personnaly I have the cd version of the “Definitive edition”. I already sent a message to “Double Helix” on their official website, but I really need to fix this please…

The trouble also appears on the downloadable version. I tried it too… I also tried to send the screen capture on the “hub” but we can’t post anything… So I am wondering if someone will read my message and fix the game.

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Firstly, Double Helix stopped working on the game years ago. Iron Galaxy is working on it.

Secondly, this problem has been happening to many people, so post your problems with it in this thread:

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I had the same issue both on my X1 and my PC… with a language setting to french.
I switched to english and it now works.

I’m pretty sure this is an issue with the french language

It’s confirmed on ( by 2 other players that the issue is related to the language settings.

How can we raise this to the devs ?

#All Bugs should be posted in the Official Bug Reporting Thread