Big, medium-sized, or small dogs?

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Do you like/prefer big, medium-sized, or small dogs?

As for me here I much prefer large dogs and at the same time I like big dogs better too. In fact, one of my favorite big dogs is the Saint Bernard.

Side-note: One of my favorite medium-sized dogs is the Chow Chow.

I didn’t pic cause, while I do like big dogs, I’ve always had medium dogs and with a few specefic dogs I typically dislike small dogs. Especially the yappy ones who think they’re hot-■■■■

There was a story I can tell about how I chased three of em’ off my lawn. May sound effed up, but I already had a headache, they woke me up, and they were barking at my mother so…yeah they didn’t come near the yard ever since.

I like little yappy dogs because I’m biased. I’ve been chillin’ w/ my rescue chihuahua for 7 years now, and every day with the little bxstard has been a headache and a blessing.

People be all like “Oh, wow, he’s so cute,” and Maximus be all like “Rawrawrawrawrawr! Rarrrrurrrr yiip yiiip rawrawrawrawrawr!!!”

He’s obnoxious.

Wait… what was the question?

I like big dogs. XD


Cats =P

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So I assume you don’t like dogs and overall you’re NOT a dog person?

Ever since I was born, my parents or I have had German Shepherds as dogs.

We’ve had smaller dogs in the house over the years as well, but personally, they’re just not the dogs I gravitate to.

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So overall you prefer big dogs, yes? :wink:


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I take care of 7 small ones every day, none of which are mine, just belong to my siblings. Always wanted a German Shep or a Shiba.

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Rabbits ( ^▽^) :rabbit:

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Big dogs for me as for I am big as well!
And Big Cats!

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As indicated by your profile pic, yes :wink: :slight_smile:

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lol I am a tiger afterall! The largest and strongest of all felines!!

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Where’s the all of the above option?

Any kind of dog except a Chihuahua though.

Great big dogs are the most precious things. Nothing quite like having an 80 pound rottweiler who’s convinced he’s a cat. :joy:


Indeed so as the tiger is right after the lion as being the second-largest wild big cat feline :slight_smile:

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I have two medium-big dogs.

Danko (22 kg) and Iris (30 kg)

Compared to some of the biggest dogs, they seem small, but they are quite tall and athletic

I also have 3 cats

Kali, Popete… and Sadira :smile:[quote=“Fwufikins, post:15, topic:17705, full:true”]
Great big dogs are the most precious things. Nothing quite like having an 80 pound rottweiler who’s convinced he’s a cat.

My dog Iris not only believes she is a cat; she also believes that she is smaller than she is, because she tries to fit in really small places in order to be next to me or my girlfriend XD

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My last 2 dogs were Pit Bulls and they were so awesome. Miss them a lot. My oldest and best dog ever made it to be 16.5 years old.
My 2nd was a pure white Gator Boudreuax Pit and he lived to be 8 years old till he just got very sick.

Ive never liked small dogs. I dont hate them, I just prefer a medium sized energetic dog.

I can play tug of war with a dog and 2 socks all day lol

But now Im at a time in life were I just cant focus on a dog and 2 young kids. So I havent got a new one. But I love dogs for sure.


Nah, I don’t dislike them but I know cats better. (I just wouldn’t have one if I don’t have the time to be there or the proper place). I always liked big dogs more, but then I got to know other small dogs that are lovelly. Poodles are super intelligent!
But yes, I prefer cats just because I know how to deal with them better and because they are “cleaner” to me.
Had a lot of bad experiences with agressive dogs too. But I know they can be loving and people love them.

Note aside: The dogs in San Francisco were the happiest dogs EVER. Never saw such happy dogs in my life.

@Whitetiger2k20 Siberian tiger, the biggets cat. The tiger is so wonderful, beautiful, powerful and mystical animal!


Rabbits are the softer creatures I’ve ever pet. Had one when I was little. Also had hasmters. My question is: how do you train rabbits to go to the box and do their thing? XD
I know cats and rabbits can get along, but we took her to a friend’s farm because she was going to be better there.

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