Big, medium-sized, or small dogs?

Just put their droppings in the area you want them to go.

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Personally if I was a more responsible person I’d keep a pet of my favorite animal group: a pet reptile.


I’d like a pet velociraptor. :grin:


I am torn. I grew up with Shih Tzus. My mom even had a pair of Shih Tzu/Yorkie mixes up until a few years ago. So I am drawn to them.

Part of me really wants a Terrier. Probably a Staffordshire Terrier. So those are more in the medium to larger range, right?

I don’t know. It’s too tough!


I chose medium. Used to have a Belgian Shepherd growing up who was huge but my mischief makers are:
Loki whose coming 3 this weekend. He’s a saluki.
Darcey whose getting on. She’s 10 and she’s a springer.
Two of them get on like they’re pups and constantly sniping at each other to get on laps lol.

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I have to say this though, my sister has a HUGE ■■■■■■■ pit bull named Boss…despite his name he’s a big baby but holy hell is he strong. He lept to put his paws on me and edned up pushing back, I almost fell over x - x

His head is HUGE to, It’s even bigger than mine D :

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Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the 2nd most popular dog breed in the UK. I have 2 myself. They are pretty much smaller pit bulls to put it in an American context. In fact, the pitbull breed is really called American Staffordshire Terrier.


I didnt vote, because I’m not one for having pets, I wouldnt do it to them to have me as a caretaker, I just dont have the discipline to take them for walks early in the morning/late at night, or through rainy weather, and I would feel bad being at work all day, and then there is the whole deal of going on vacation when you have pets…

I do love dogs though, my previous neighbour had a rottweiler I think and we had a connection, I typically love the mediumsize dogs though. My grandparents ised to have a ‘Friese Stabij’ (Dutch name, dont know the English name) who was adorable. He looked like this:


Indeed! I was also born in '86, Year of the Tiger!


My year is the dog’s year. I wanted to be a dragon XD I’ve heard it’s hard being a dog un the chinese horoscope


Admittedly my family has been through quite a few dogs. First there was casey but apprantley he got hit by a car. Odd how I wasn’t emotionally affected by it, but it happend when I was little and I remember seeing my sister’s reaction. I didn’t see nor hear the incident directly, but I remember hearing her crying after she got back inside and my dad comforting her.

Looking back on it, it was upsetting. Then we had Rocky whom I disloked because he always kept nipping at my toes, I was only 8 at the time though so I guess he was just being playful and I didn’t know that?

Then there was Sierra whom we had for a long time but one day she got out and we never saw her again, I was in middle school and that hurt me the most when I herd she was gone.

While we had Sierra my sister also took in a puppy named Bosephus and he died of a heart virus. It was fun though watching him with Sierra, he use to bug the hell out of her, I remember him chasing her around the house while I was watching Road-Rovers and she jumped over my legs while he was slowly crawling out for under them.

We got a new dog now named Digger, he’s a bird dog, stubborn as all hell but loveable though. He was a pain to house train but I think he’s starting to know better. I think my mom should of done her research before getting a pointer dog but oh well. : >

1984, Year of the Rat for me here :wink:

So your born in '82 or '94?

Wait aren’t you Year or the boar since you’re born before the Chinese New Year?(January 1st).

Not according to the Chinese zodiac from what I can correctly recalled

Staffordshire is just the polite non scary way of saying you want an AKC registered pit bull. they are a lot of work. If you work long hours away from home I dont recommend getting one. they need constant attention and affection. Their temperament can be wishy washy because you dont know what you are going to get. You might get the sweetest dog in the world,you may get a very protective dog that doesnt like other people, you might get one with separation anxiety.

There is a lot of inbreeding down the bloodlines so these different personalities occurring are a high risk. The inbreeding also causes medical issues.

You need a huge fenced in yard that guarantees he cant get out, plenty of time to play, and never let him be an inside dog and then all of a sudden make him be an outside dog… it crushes them.

It can be a great thing to have one, but ONLY if you are prepared and can dedicate your life to the responsibility of having one.

good luck

My parents have a Japanese Spitz.

But if I got a dog, it would be a Corgi.

So I guess small dogs. :stuck_out_tongue: