Big Arbiter info from 343 :-)

Hey guys, just published our latest issue of Canon Fodder, featuring a pretty big blowout on the upcoming Halo/Killer Instinct Season 3 crossover. Hope you enjoy!



“If you’re interested in learning even more about the Arbiter in Killer Instinct Season 3, it might be prudent to check out the Halo World Championship Finals on March 18-20, 2016, just saying.”

ugh season 3 is coming in late March T_T that’s too long Keits PLZ


Type-51 Carbine

The Type-51 Carbine holds 18 rounds of radioactive ammo and fires three-shot bursts. Once the magazine has been emptied, gunshots are replaced by melee attacks.

Plasma Grenade

Sticky anti-personnel plasma grenade that detonates after a three-second delay. Throwing distance can be changed by pressing Forward or Backwards. Grenade blast can harm both players. The Arbiter carries three grenades, replacement grenades are salvaged over time.

Energy Sword

The Arbiter carries a master-crafted Covenant Energy Sword or Thel ‘Vadam’s personal blade – the vicious Prophets’ Bane.

Combat Evolved

Arbiter can tack on a Plasma Grenade or fire his Type-51 Carbine to deal additional damage after performing a Throw, Energy Sword strike, or any Ender.


Well, I didn’t expect early march.

Just as countless Arbiters have faced impossible odds to represent the honor and glory of their people, this Arbiter was created to represent the glory and honor of the Halo universe against an impossible new challenge.

How can we say all that with a straight face? Shut up is how. How does this explain why he’s fighting a cyborg dinosaur in a Mediterranean oasis? Silence fool! How does this explain some very cool easter eggs on a Sanghelios-inspired level? Shut your noisehole is how.

Looks like they took my advice.

Edit: Arbiters of all time. Including perhaps a retro costume. Thank god it looks like they are rethinking what retro means and instead of us making a low effort weird looking old costume they make the old costume look modern.

Stickied this just like a Plasma Grenade!


I can’t wait to see this! :smiley:
I bet that Halo’s HUD will be in Arbiter’s Gameplay showing the number of bullets lefts :smirk:


I read the end, and it seems that KI is confirmed to not launch until late march- it said to check out the halo finals on March 18-20th, so not getting S3 before then

Edit: Ninja’d by @SaltyInstinct

They based his retro off the Halo 2 Anniversary version though, that’s why it looks modern, so it’s not really that IG is rethinking how the retros work.

Big take-aways for me were Lots of customization, and being able to augment throws.

@BigBadAndy it seems that your wish might get fulfilled with a very, very late March release…lol

The costumes, damn. So good. Couldn’t have wished for better ones. Honestly, I wish that all of the outfits had accessories that were this well thought out.

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If the costumes/accessories can mix and match coherently through colors 1-9, Arbiter is going to have the best customization in KI hands down. So happy they didn’t waste a slot on something stupid like Riptors cheerleader outfit.


But people like that silly humor, well according to the rest of the forum.

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Wile I do enjoy humor I honestly was bummed because I was hoping for something like dragon accessories or something to put on Retro Riptor. If at least one set was the dragon accessories I’d of been fine with the other beeing a cheer leader oufit.

Sadly none of that came true. Personally I like retro Riptor’s look, her accessories were just disappointing in the way that they were not what I was hoping for.

Back on topic, Arbiter’s accessories sound exciting. what kind of armor are we expecting?

Sounds KI is the ONLY fighting right now that knows how to balance gun shooting characters so far. lol

Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

IG please add honor guard costume


Learning more? That tells me 1 out of 2 things…maybe both…
A: The game’s going to be released then at the height of Halo hype.
B: They’re going to release a complementary character then to further fuel the Halo hype…one that would fill a different trope…the super-soldier/space marine trope. winkwinknudgenudgeteabagteabag…

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Hey I didn’t say the learn more part. I was stating that i’mnot suprize that t season 3 would be out so soon.

[quote=“justathereptile, post:19, topic:5329”]
Hey I didn’t say the learn more part. I was stating that i’mnot suprize that t season 3 would be out so soon.
[/quote]I was just grabbing that from your post…I wasn’t meaning for it to post as your quote. Sorry.

It’s an honest mistake.
Still, it’s a shame my bros next class starts on march 3rd.

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