BEWARE shadow jago 11 color thread,theives trying to get your live/gold info

on the phone w/ micosoft ATm because they r trying to hijack my system

Are you sure it is microsoft and not some scammers?

they r scammers

they are trying to get your xbox live and gold info and change your info and passwords to take control of your accounts,tge email was

What on earth are you talking about?

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This thread asked me to send a pic o my shadow jago OG code from the day of launch and my it was on my xbox live/gold box,to get A different shago color(11)my wife sent the pic to the today a 9:29 am and saw in my yahoo email that my email to my yahoo account and passwords were changed to access my xbox & xbox live account was changed ,Microsoft confirmed it ,all I can say is wow!!! its fixed for now

Ultimate source wouldn’t ask for your account or password, so if you gave it away, you gave it to the wrong people.


I’m fairly certain @rukizzel, @TempusChaoti and @UltimateToy can confirm that it is not Ultimate Source reps trying to access your accounts. Particularly because nobody else in the Color 11 thread has mentioned a word about being asked for their login information; just the proof of purchase for the Shadow Jago figure & Color 10.

I’d be willing to bet the problem is one of two things; either you contacted an incorrect email account used by a scammer who got you to give them your login information, or you have a virus on your computer or had your account accessed some other way.

I have no direct knowledge, of course, but this is my speculation based on tte information you’ve provided.


What do you mean your Xbox live gold box? And what do you mean by code from day of launch?

I don’t understand this… at all. Enjoying my color 11 though, @UltimateToy. Thanks!

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first shadow jago was just a skin ,not a full fledged fighter and you got him by getting 12 month sub on day one.

What are you talking about? Day one Shago skin has nothing to do with this. and no one at US is stealing your KI gold LOL

Someone please close this thread

We all know that, Ultimate Source didn’t ask for that code. They asked for a picture of the certificate card that came with the Shadow Jago figure that Ultimate source made.

Fall of seraphs, remember that I used to make you signatures so give me the benefit of the doubht for a few seconds, I was told if I gave that email a screenshot of my shago code that I would get color 11 or 9 or 10 or whatever instead my main email got hacked and the password was changed trying to change or get info from my xbox one,there is none on their,lol but I called Microsoft and they confirmed it to the support /ultimatetoys email and they tried rearranging what emails and personal info was aligned with my xbox live accounts so yeah some 1 tried to hack me obviously because they were firkin poor and stupid, wanting to get s3 for free or get my games hijacked ,I dunno but it happened, got it changed though

Well glad it was fixed for you…but please do not blame Ultimate toy. False info can be spread to quickly online.

Maybe you could clear this up a bit by telling us how sending a picture of a shago code could allow hackers to hack into your e-mail account. Just sending them a picture doesn’t give them any of this information.

So as has been said, if someone tried to get into your account it’s either independent of the Ultimate Source Support e-mail, or else you provided them with your password and info.

No not at all but not even 10 minutes after I sent this pic my yahoo email(main email) password was changed and the 1st time I signed out it wanted me to sign in to my xbox live again using the password they changed it too so I had to intercept that ,I called Microsoft ,hopefully its all fixed but whoever this is if indeed was a person is gonna have hell to pay because I just red flagged my SSN 4 days ago because of an illegal immigrant who I used to work with and the Co. I worked for are slandering, illegally obtaining information etc.

this guy and people at the workplace had access to both of my wifes # because we were on call and not even a year prior the business had been sued in a class action lawsuit for not paying people wages, they did the same to me 2 days after they fired me after Christmas after not fitting in,lol! all because of this one guy an illegal immigrant who was intimidated because his girlfriend (the secratary who he was cheating on his wife with) wanted to do the same with me,lol his wife knew of the affair but yet both of them told everyone they weret married.

point of emphasis is vote Reepublican and for Trump,lol this has been a crazy situation , but I’m taking all the precautions if my identity is being tampered with and he boasted that he was illegal because he thought he was untouchable, he messed with the wrong guy ,he prolly gonna get deported but yeah my main account ,this email wasn’t the one linked to my xbox we will see

Never give your email and password out, to anyone.

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Vote for Trump? What?