BEWARE shadow jago 11 color thread,theives trying to get your live/gold info

I didn’t give out my email or password to anyone ,they somehow gained access to my email and password, I found out that my wife had given them my gamertag & a old code picture as proof ,I don’t know if they can get that info from a gamertag and a old live/gold code but that shadow jago used to require a code they got and used it to get this very personal info,no passwords were given out.,they had my name too full name and they asked for it, they asked for my name and gamertag fromk the email address it was an S icon then an email
of this name ----------------------------no .com so it loked like this

I think you are conflating two unrelated events that happened at the same time. There is simply no way that giving them a poster of a Shago code let them access your email password and change it.

Are you sure you’re feeling okay?

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I told you! they got more info than that! 1st they got the pic of the shago day one live code with that xbox live gold code 2x codes,i didn’t know you had to have a firkin stupid action figure ,I sent them the pic they asked fore more info,you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out it was prolly some hacker whose gonna get caught!!! BUT then they asked for gamertag by email ,THEY EMAILED me back asking for gamertag,they had gamertag plus the code and my personal name ! they asked for my name ,was I stupid for doing so ! YES but read and do your homework your just like everyone else ,your exploiting me! I alone have had to fix a lot of these situations but what weve got here is someone feeling scared because this actually happened and someone got caught ??? I’m done with explaining myself

So, in the end, it looks like you sent an email (including additional personal information that the real Ultimate Source reps wouldn’t have asked for) and the people you sent the email to may or may not have been the ones to try and access your accounts, though it is worth noting that it sounds as though that person is trying to scam people.

I think everyone will agree with me that this does not appear to be a problem with Ultimate Source’s people, and that your responses here have been the very definition of off-topic and oversharing. You’re also being aggressive towards community members who are asking you to explain a story that is extremely convoluted and confusing.

I’m closing this thread, and you’re getting a day to cool off.

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