Better Sabrewulf Design - Killer Instinct 4


Best Sabrewulf designs too dark?


Better? But I prefer Sabrewulf’s design in KI season 1-3 than that. :confused:


I like sabrewulf how he is and has been but I’ll tell you this: I’m all for a horror themed KI4!


Is that the Hugh Jackman wolf from Van Helsing?


I think it is. And I think that van Helsing took way too much flack. For what it was (a monster movie) it was really good.


Didn’t much care for the film, but when I saw that wolf again post-KI release, I was all like “that’s Sabrewulf!”


I think Sabrewulf needs a little polishing - Tusks wrist warmers or Retro Eyedol legs have better fur.


Sorry, but no. Srsly…
Sabrewulf’s design from KI2013 is pretty awesome already, I usually say it’s one of the best werewolf designs I’ve ever seen because I do prefer werewolves which are visually like an wolf than a generic monster usually shown on terror movies.


At first I was amazed by Van Helsing’s design but now I decided they are not the best (I prefered the first werewolf that showed up instead of the other two).
Darkstalkers and KI have one of the best Werewolves designed out there.
If they would change something I would say they should consider the original designs from the old KIs, but so far his new design is pretty amazing, and has some little resemblance to “Project Altered Beast” werewolf but a little


I think better hair/fur and a change of clothes. a black hooded trench coat and black pants (cuffed or bunched up)


I think retro sabrewulf is the one who needs more polishing.


i think its a bit too humany. some of the coolest part of sabrewolf is his werewolf design is more wolf than human with his legs and his hair/mane.this is a big buff dude with a wolf head. its a cool design but not the one i would want for sabrewolf.


yes, i think badass lol


the design is very dependent on the dark colors. It definitely won’t look good in blue.


He is just fine the way he is but I would like for him to be a little bit more wild.


Looks like a furry fantasy.


Sabrewulf’s design is fine if ya ask me. His design overtime just made him stand out a little more from regular werewolves.

Just play any of the dark colored wolf colors.


This head!!!, I want this back for the retro :heart:

I’m not fan of the feet but from hip to the head he looks awesome and fierce.

Again this head is amazing:

The new Sabrewulf has its own style, which I like. He has a longer snout and I like the mane. He reminds me of Altered Beast werewolf:


I really like that last one, looks like something off of donkey kong country.


Sabrewulf’s current design is great to me because it really plays up the Feral nature of the curse. A lot of werewolf designs just make you buff, furry, and have sharp teeth and claws. Wulf’s hunched posture, his super canine-lower body, his frothing mouth, they played up the fact that he’s a man who’s cursed, not just one that got a cool power upgrade.