Better Sabrewulf Design - Killer Instinct 4

Simulating fur in CG is not easy…
Hair and the elements are always a real challenge.

The next KI Saberwulf needs to go further down the Saberrat path and he just needs to be a guy with a wolfish face and bad nails wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. Bruce Banner that Hulk!!!


Would love if they brought back the bionic arms from KI2. That’s my favorite wulf.

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We already have not 1, but 2 variations of that with Wulf now - his premium accessories for his default costume and some accessories for his retro as well. Take your pick. :wink:

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Or even better? Straight up make him a doge.


…now that I think about it making sabrewolf a quadruped wolf might actually be cool and unique. Reminds me of Valkenhayne Hellsing. A stance charecter in blazblue that has a 4 legged wolf form with interesting john talbein wolf dash combos.

Oh jeez, I haven’t even touched his customization options yet and I’ve been playing for a couple months. Thanks for the heads up :+1:

Premium accessories? Are those any different then the accessories you unlock with levels?

I believe they’re only available through purchase.

What do they run for and where do I find them?because I thought I had everything for the game.

I got it with the ultra edition of each season as a packaged deal. It should be in the in-game or XBL store.

I should have everything then.

I’d prefer a look closer to KI 1 & 2 than the rat-dog we have now.


I miss Saberwulf’s move set from ki gold

And just slightly off topic. I wish we could have an announcer say “first attack” like they did in Street fighters hay day.

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The Diddy Kong Wheel, LOL. That’s how I called it. I do miss the KI2 backflip DP (similar to the one he does in his current ultra Ender). Also is curious how Wulf was similar to Spinal in the way he didn’t sweep in both KIs until KI2013 (c.HP).

KI 2013 moveset is closer yo the original KI 1994 (I feel the same with TJ Combo) than KI2/Gold.
However the first time I saw it I wasn’t impressed by eclipse at all, despite being a decent aa it looked boring.

When I start comparing I feel the same. I was upset with the new design at first. Now I got used to it, but he looked so intimidating un the old ones! However I’m not a fan of his lower body design in KI2 (he looks shorter than KI1) but his face is amazing.
I was afraid my problem was just nostalgia…Not that I don’t like the new redesign in the end but I would have LOVED a GOOD retro and not what they gave us <=(

I felt the same about Glacius, at first I loathed his new design. Now I’m okay with it but I still prefer the original.

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They just need a Grey wolf colored SabreWulf. Never liked that they went with Blue like Ralph from Rampage World Tour. Timber Wulf Terror Color plz. Also make his color 10 available to all please.



Thats clearly not blue because Wulf is suppose to be a blue monster, its more of a creature of the night effect he has as oppose to blue hair and skin like in KI13. Its blue because black in that graphic engine or most graphic engines dont work very well visually. Also that color is Midnight, Glacius and Jago are actually blue on purpose in the original KI, Wulf is blue circumstancially. Sabrewulf in the modern game is the same exact color as Glacius even more blue, like he’s been drinking Blue Pop for centuries.

Come at me

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The why doesn’t matter he was and he is… blue.

Also modern Sabrewulfs color references, Sabrewulf(the game)