Bethesda E3 Showcase

I saw no one was posting about this, so I’ll post a link myself!

Watch before you hop in!
So, my thoughts:
-DOOM 5: ETERNAL. YES, HELL ON EARTH IS COMING! Yes! My favorite game series continues, and it looks like they’re doing exactly what I wanted them to with this sequel: keep the same old graphics, and just turn up the about of shenanigans happening at once up to 11! More demons, more guns, more everything!

-New Fallout 76 has 2 modes: Single Player…and Scooby Doo in the Cyberchase mode, where ALL of the characters are repalced by players around the world. I was meh on the idea of an online Fallout, but hearing it’s optional and servers will only have a few dozen people is nice.

-An unexpected Wolfenstein spinoff sequel, starting BJ’s daughters in the 80s! Sounds neat.

-ELDER SCROLLS 6. Self explanatory.


I wasnt able to watch this one yet but I did see the DOOM teaser… thats cool. New WOlfenstien sounds cool as well.

I’m not really a fan of any of Bethesda’s games, mainly because I don’t usually enjoy first person games. That said, I thought they had a fantastic showing this year. I mean, new Doom, new Wolfenstein, new Elder Scrolls (both VI and Blades for mobile), new Fallout, Prey DLC, new Quake characters and a new IP announced?

That’s a really impressive show! I mean, they have what… FIVE AAA IPs in development right now? Good on them, and good for the fans of their games. I can’t imagine what they could’ve wanted that Bethesda didn’t deliver on.

I’m still confused about what Fallout 76 is supposed to be. Online multiplayer and servers aside, is it like other modern Fallout games otherwise or did they go full-on sandbox survival like ARK?

Anyway, glad to hear about the new DOOM and Wolfenstein. Also happy that Prey is finally getting new content and patches again.

As far as I could tell, it’s a regular Fallout game that’s geared more toward online multiplayer, but it can still be played exactly like old Fallout games in every way imaginable, but it’ll just be a little harder without friends along for the ride. That’s how I took Todd Howard’s explanation anyways. Maybe I’m wrong.

That’s what I thought at first too, but I don’t think we’ve seen any NPCs, towns, or any indication of a main storyline yet. Just a vague mention of quests.

DOOM Eternal! I’m buying that one for sure. I just hope they have an advanced map editor in addition to SnapMap. I felt very limited when building maps in DOOM, and sharing the maps online was a pain as well. They need a system like one that exists in Trials Fusion.

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