Best way to counter Rash?

The ball and when he jumps and does the split kick in the air


A Dp or for most of the cast,down hp works well.





You can also jump back and hit before he transform back or you can c.HP to hit the ball from its bottom. In both case you cannot be in the middle of the ball’s path.

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We have asked this in other threads… the answer is anit air crouching HP. If you get it too work please make video.

I have yet to make this work consistently with Omen.

Who are you using??

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^ Thanks I am using Shago

Isn’t Shago able to dash to the other side after blocking the first hit?

He could, but he has better options. He can block and DP, or he can block and down+HP. No reason for Rash to stop wrecking calling if he never takes any damage from doing it.

If I can get Rash in the corner by dashing, I’m doing that before anything else…

Its also worth noting I play Thunder and Orchid Aswell so yeah wanted to know the best way to counter rash without teleporting

Both of those characters can just down+HP or DP after blocking wrecking ball.

Shago probably has some of the best options for dealing with this.
DP him before he follows up, or jumping back Surge Fireball/Air Fireball could be helpful.
You can even convert into a full combo. After blocking, Shadow Dive Kick should go above any of his hurt boxes and allow you to recapture and beat the warts off of 'em.

I tried it and it works, NICE!!!

Happy to help :thumbsup:

I find Cinder has the easiest time dealing with Rash. Block the wrecking ball, lk backflip.

The wrecking ball in particular is a lot easier to deal with when you have a reversal with a ‘down->up’ input. Normal DP can be tricky because you have to worry about which way you’re doing your inputs or whether or not you need an autocorrect. Plus, if you’re fired up, you get a free combo if they don’t guess break your juggles.

@FallofSeraphs76 @SadisticRage76 @BigBadAndy

Figured this was the more appropriate place to continue this discussion. Finally managed to catch up with one of my friends who’s got a good Rash, and saved a couple of the replays. We played 20+ games, but to be honest I didn’t get too much footage of punishing wrecking ball, because he’s good enough to know that he shouldn’t toss it out very often. I did get some though, and also got a lot of footage on how you get to push buttons on and punish tongue pressure.!AjOVjwYwv0QmojmZclnMmL-LQDgJ

Hope this is helpful to you all, and feel free to ask if you’ve got any questions about anything :thumbsup:

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With Gargos lately I’ve been having a bit of success with a well-timed standing HK. Also MK Reckoning or arial LK Reckoning, and if you have meter shadow portal punch.

…let’s face it, Gargos has lots of ways around Rash’s WB.

Gargos seems to have lots of ways around this game :slight_smile:

He does, but it balances by making him grossly unsafe on everything up close.

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