Best way to counter Rash?


The video will not open for me


Thanks @STORM179. The video worked for me, and I appreciate the production value!

@FallofSeraphs76 and I actually met up last night to test some of this out and we saw that anti air will get Rash in the way down after wrecking ball. It wasn’t as consistent and I couldn’t get the kind of consistent aerial wrecking ball pressure with my garbage Rash that I usually see online, but it’s a place to start a least.

@developers I will use this as another opportunity to beg and plead for an online practice mode.

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Hm. Not really sure what to say. I tested it out on a couple of different devices, and the video always works for me :slight_frown:

Perhaps restart your device and try again?


How Mira can handle Rash corner tongue pressure? Her cr.HP does not really cover space right above her, same with MK embrace…


Could her just mist away?


Beats me tbh - whenever I’ve played that fight I never could really find a consistent defense to it. Wound up just misting out of the corner before I lost too much life trying (failing) to block.

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This is a great question becasue now a lot of Rash players are dong that jumping tongue, juggle pressure that is just the worst thing ever! I have no idea how to get out of it.
Tongue is supposed to be punishable but I cant find a way to get out and its rare that you get a chance to really practice it.
The rest of Rash’s arsenal i can handle now… but this is something new.

I figured I could break the juggle hit but it wasnt working…kept getting timing lock out. the juggle hit looks like a LP or MP. Its like a downward punch.


Big hand angled down is Rash’s jump+HP. With Omen your down+HP should work for the most part in clearing Rash tongue pressure I think. Orda would also likely trade, though probably not favorably.


Its not the big hand down, its just a little hand strike just after the air tongue. Now Im mainly talking if he is juggling you in the air. Grounded tongue pressure I can get a jab or orda in there…no issue there really.
If I recall right they like to start with a down HP to launch you into the air, then they with a 1-2 series of tongue and maybe LP? After that maybe a Boot? Something that keep you suspended in the air.
I need to post a video, its very hard to explain.


Rash’s j. LP causes a flipout so if it isn’t the big hand one and you’re not being flipped out, it’s very likely the j. MP that you’re describing.


Yes, prob so. Im going by memory here so forgive me. Im sure you guys have seen this set up before… I know a few top Rash players are using it up these days. to the point some are pretty much centering their entire game plan on this combo


The combo sequence you’re talking about sounds a lot like a lockout bait. I think just a raw cr HP > tongue > tongue > j. MP would cost at least maybe half of the KV bar.

As far as punishing tongue, it’s a matter of labbing and speed. Tongue causes very little blockstun so your punish option needs to be on point. My character has stubby light buttons and a timing specific cr. HP to AA with, so i’m almost forced to either contest with buttons that might beat jump normals because of priority or smash out my shadow reversal. If we’re talking Omen, i know he’s got options of some sort.


Yeah IM not to worried about grounded tongue…its that damn air tongue that got me the other day. I swear it was like i’d never hit the ground until he dropped it or cashed it out. Almost Sadira like air juggles.

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I don’t recall tongue generating a lot of KV for a juggle combo, but it doesn’t cause any damage either. If an opponent is juggling you with a lot of tongue hits in the combo, i don’t think it’s going to hurt that much without either the shadow cashout or the wrecking ball ender that has a ton of corner carry.


Agreed, but its still something that great players are using, and there need to be a counter to it. It doesnt create much KV becasue he was able to do it fro a good while before cashing out.

Ill try and make a clip when i get home