"Best" level 4 ender so far

Saberwulf’s looks neat.




Here’s some more.

the gifs look a bit choppy but it does giv us some nice veiws. I can iamgine if the frames were smoother in game we can see Tusk really add power to that hit

ALSO: Isn’t everyone forgetting the streams are not always good quality?..

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Even with the Gifs being low quality, along with Low quality stream, they honestly don’t look THAT bad…

Tusk’s looks pretty smooth. Orchid looks like she hits hard. I can imagine this looking X10 better in-game.

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One guy suggested the new lvl4 enders be at the end of a round when they are done. I don’t know they’ll be able to program it but I’d be fine with it. It’d at least add some flare to make the end of the fights more satisfying then what we already have.

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Right. I understand. But we will have to see what the plan is.

To be honest, these to me looks like they need some polish. When that happens, these will look good. Doesn’t really look bad with these characters. It could make the match pretty hype. Maybe it’s just Jago with his Launching Thrust Kick that has everyone up in arms. Lol

I hope that ultimates get this treatment, give them red fog or something to bring it together and fit the theme. Not really a fan of the complete blackness on Shago’s ultimate.

It wasn’t a negative comment. I just said that to let others aware that they don’t do the actual effect justice so that they don’t think negatively on them if they haven’t’ seen it in-game for themselves.

Why not find them in the archive and annotate the time and short-cut it for us instead?

And again you can annotate the time (s) like you suggested. I only tried to do the gifs because people wanted to see them.


Kim Wu

Tusk apparently has 2?

It’s any Level 4 ender. So all of the Enders during a Level 4 cashout do it.

Jago again.

Oooooh. Okay that makes sense.

That might be one of the reasons people are upset besides the animations, is that this is easy to do, so you will see it frequently.

I think I have to take mine back I like Thunder’s the best. Then Arbiter, followed by Orchid.
guess it doesn’t want to upload.

I’m going to see this a lot when @xSkeletalx & I have Season 3 sets. My poor Kim Wu & Jago…

TJ too.


Finally got it Thunder

Dude, Cinder’s is so cool. LOL


FYI I notice the forum also changes the dpi. Tried as best as I could. ******:frowning: