"Best" level 4 ender so far

I know it’s an early build but given what we have seen in the stream so far and to be “positive” in your opinion which do you like?

Personally I liked Orchid’s and Arbiter’s

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Where can I see these new enders?

Twitch archives have them. I’m not sure if they are up on YouTube yet.

What channel?

Edit: nevermind, got it

To be fair, them all yet. It’s not even final.

Hmm don’t know why it’s not showing. I tried to copy paste.

Nevermore just saw you found it.

Yes I know I mentioned it above. Just asking if anyone had one the particular liked.

Huh, these are really strange. I haven’t decided how I feel yet.

The effect is 90s as ■■■■, though, so that’s +1.

Kan-Ra’s Level 4 Clutch Ender FTW! He literally (female dog) slaps the H3LL out of you! It’s definitely my favorite ender next to Maya’s new one.

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Glacius’ Puddle Punch is pretty nice

All of them could use work, but my favorite right now is…

Arbiter’s Damage Ender and Glacius Hail Ender.

I haven’t sene em all so I’d like to see.


I wish I knew how to make gifs. Maybe someone can help?

Thunder’s is boss!

Oh yeah I forgot about Thunder’s I liked his too.

Alright guys here’s a few I’m working on the rest. :slightly_smiling:

Those actually look really close, the mist in the back is a nice touch.

These .gif images are terrible! They don’t do them any justice at all. Why not find them in the archive and annotate the time and short-cut it for us instead?

Wow well first off thanks for the comment, and if you have a better way of doing doing things knock yourself out. FYI I took these from twitch via high settings. I can’t change what the program does as far as dpi.