Best Character Trailers

I know everyone is very anxious for info and trailers to start popping out but I know that one thing is for sure, and that is when they do start appearing they will be godlike and way better than the SFV ones. IG, DH, and Max always do them justice and no one is disappointed. With all that being said though;

- Who do you guys think had the best character trailers in Season 1 and Season 2?
- Which character reveal for Season 3 areyou most looking forward to?

For me I thought that Maya’s was the best Trailer in Season 2 and for season 1 Spinal had the best.
The character trailer I am most looking forward to in season 3 is Kim-Wu’s :smile:


for me: Fulgore, Riptor, and Maya.

Maya’s theme was really hype and got me more excited for season2, Fulgore’s hype because it was a clear showcase that Fulgore was coming and since I tend to be a bit biased for my favorite characters you can see where that is coming.

For season3 I am lookin forward to Tusk and Gargos, and I’m excited for newcomers to KI (NOT COUNTING GUESTS!)


For me: Spinal and Kan ra.

Kan ra’s trailer always make me epic goosebumps because his trailer is too AMAZING!!

For season 3: I’m most forward to Vampire and Tusk!

Seeing Orchid jump in still gave me chills… although I have to say Spinal is prob one of the best trailers along with Maya! Cant wait for S3 trailer, im going to going to lose it!

Season 1 and Season 2 official character trailers: ALL OF THEM
Season 3 character teases/reveals: (Again) ALL OF THEM
:smile: :relaxed: :sunglasses:

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the ones that i want to see the most for season 3 are Tusk, Gargos… and wait for the new characters to see what new stuff and ideas they will bring to the Killer Instinct table in especial if they will have a vampire character or some kind. i dont know if they will make a trailer but Shadow Jago will be awesome. and for the best the tease at the end i think is the cherry on the top . of the trailer.

Best ones for me would be TJ Combo, Omen, Aganos, Hisako, Cinder, and RASH!

I am looking forward to Tusk. As a Nightmare/Siegfried fan, so no real surprise that I must have Tusk.

Best Season 2: Aganos’ trailer. Why? The intro dialogue by Kan Ra, the crazy ending tease with Hisako. Just hype (Aganos’ part in the middle was the weakest part, lol).

Best trailer IMO of season 1:

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Top 3 of season 1:

Top 3 of season 2:

For season 3…I think tusk is the one I’m most looking foward too!

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For me, I’d say Sadira’s was the best in season one:

Sadira’s Trailer

It was the first one that really jumped away from the character to explore their world. I still want to fight as or against the other women Sadira’s trailer. There’s also that awesome moment where the giant tarantula comes down and Sadira just looks at the screen.

Plus, I remember being amazed by the stuff that she could do at the time, the way she moved around, all the air juggling. It also didn’t hurt that the first shot we ever saw of Orchid was at the end of this trailer, and I thought she looked awesome.

For season two, I’d probably have to go with Kan Ra:

Kan Ra Trailer

Absolutely loved watching his move set as it played out, wondering how I’d be able to do what I was seeing on the screen, and also watching the level seemingly become more unstable as the battle went on. It all came together so well! Plus the ending with that cool Riptor tease was also pretty amazing.

For season 3, right now I’d say that I’m looking forward to Gargos’ trailer the most. I just have a feeling that they’ll go all out with him and make him this dark, epic, evil character that’ll look amazing and play even better. I think his trailer really has a chance to blow me away and I certainly hope it does!

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Think we’ve had a few of these threads on the new boards actually.

For S1: Orchid
For S2: Maya (that music :heart_eyes:), Aganos (that Kan-Ra voiceover), Hisako (just love the atmosphere and the Japanese narration). Her VO did a great job conveying Hisako’s pain and rage :grin:

Fulgore was DA HYPE !!!

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I think Sadira had the best trailer, but not because of Sadira.

Sadira does her thing for a minute.
Fade to black.
We see Jago. He hears footsteps.
Heels? boots… is it… her? No way…!

Orchid jumps in, hype background music plays.

At that time, we already knew about Jago, Sabrewulf, Thunder, and Glacius (the “core four”), and I knew I’d stay with Sabrewulf (as I did in the first two games). But that Orchid reveal… that’s when I thought, “YES, KILLER INSTINCT IS BACK!”. I was excited. I NEEDED that game.

IG never did their trailers in the same style, and that was one reason I never got excited for their characters. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to their S3 work, either, but that’s another discussion.

Anyway, that’s my opinion. I think Sadira’s trailer wins because the Orchid reveal brought the hype.

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TJ’s Combo trailer for me without doubt. Hearing the KI music as he beat his opponent was so hype!!
His words about being defeated and now back to fight once more…it gave me chills. The part when he says “cause if you give me that moment…I WIN!!” (it’s so me XD)

And finally “is that the best you’ve got Ultratech!?” Adn his face… Amazing <3

But one of my fave trailers is season 2 announcement:

But, I like most of them. I mean, KI IS BACK! so happy about it =3


But now, an even harder question: who had the best tease?!?!

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Kan ra, ARIA and Cinder teased in tj combo trailer!

Shadow Jago trailer was the best…

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No… Tusk’s trailer is better than Shadow jago…

Then there was the actual alternate outfitS and accessories.