Ben Feris AKA pre-transformation Cinder (Guessing at possible gameplay)

Since most people don’t want shorchid (despite the survey results) I guess we just might get human cinder instead? I don’t think he would be a gunslinger because kilgore already took that role. I imagine him more as a cross between doctrine dark, deathstroke, human sektor and the fury.

Then again, most people on the forums don’t want either shadow orchid or human cinder despite the survey, which doesn’t make any sense.

And how would he even fit in?

I voted for Shadow Orchid. I want her. Badly.

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Personally I don’t mind if she is in as long as kelvin is also in.

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@xCrimsonLegendx @REYNOSOFUA11 @SithLordEDP @KevBones10 @DiGiJUL3S @WrathOfFulgore @SonicDolphin117 Any thoughts?

My guess is that human Cinder would be like Deathstroke in Injustuce (minus the swords). Gameplay-wise he would probably use guns and other gadgets. That being said, I don’t think we should get him because it looks like Kilgore is going to be our gunslinger, but IF human Cinder came in, he would probably be a sharpshooter.

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To tell you the truth I would like to see S.Orchid and kelvin as the next two remixed characters. I would love to see another being like glacius with a different play style. As for pre-transformation cinder I just cannot see how they could fit him in without taking away cinders identity or without just jamming him in to the story somehow and still keeping him in the same current time as the rest of the characters. Like I said I’m another post characters like a lovecraftian character, wendigo or Joanna dark should not be remixed characters.

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Why yes, yes I do have thoughts.

…Oh, you mean now? No, I’m too tired. Maybe tomorrow…


I’m thinking that because it’s still Cinder, they base him on something he does, so I was thinking they expand on his Third Degree as Pre-Cinder’s gimmick. Possibly allowing it with kicks as well for different options like a launcher or something.

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Yea that was my thought too. Am honestly imagining something similar to TJ in terms of gameplan. Mixed in with some trap setting? Like mines or Orchid type grenades?

I personally dont want pre-transformation Cinder…a ‘flashback’ character will never have a part in the current story, and I really dont want a post- Cinder Ben Ferris, because that would mean no more Cinder.

Its also why I believe we wont be seeing that specific character.

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Current cinder uses some jeet kune do moves/animations.
It’s not like ultra tech’s transformation gave him those moves.

So some jeet kune do is obvious, and a version of pyro bomb but with c4?
I’d say doesn’t travel as far, as fast, or up to three, but can be more deadly/damaging.

Maybe some special forces moves like Bayman from DOA, or Rolento from street fighter.

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He’d end up being like the other human characters which is not bad. I think he would be more like jago and tj but with some kind of firearm instead of a sword. Good thought!

Honestly I really have no interest in having a pre-transformation Cinder. Just as a character, no…it doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

I would say more, but that’s really all I got. My interest level in Ben Ferris is 0%.


I would like to have Ben Ferris… as skin

A human skin for Cinder, with arm flamethrowers for inferno and legs flamethrowers for fireflash, a jetpack for trailblazer, c4 for pyrobombs and napalm bombs for fission. He could have fire on his weapons when fired up

WOW, so much new resources for a skin! Probably. But I don’t want a reimagin for Cinder.

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Perhaps that’s what they have planned with the whole “legend of” thing with Thunder. Perhaps they intend to make a few “what if” costumes that reflect their backstories better… if so we could possibly see pre-transformation costumes of several characters: Sabrewulf, Cinder, Hisako, Kan-ra, Spinal…

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I could see all that happening, except Wulf. His bites would be ridiculous as human xD

Anyway, I would like to see a better use of costumes for shadow lords.

Retro Wulf:
humans affected by lycanthropy, released by Gargos to create chaos

Retro Cinder:
Failed Cinder experiments, similar to retro Riptor

Retro Eyedol:
monsters from the astral plane, at Gargos service

Nez Perce Thunder:
Thunder’s father, during a mission. The mission is a record of how Aria killed him (Nez Perce Thunder vs Retro Fulgore and Retro Aria)

That type of stuff

I think that makes more sense.

They could give him a mechanical mask with teeth, but maybe it would still look weird.