Keits is based shadow lord anyway, I’ll always believe in and respect him.


Propaganda. Honestly,You and Paul need to stop. You guys are obsessed with this"players dont like s3 type of talk". Whether in twitch chat, youtube,or twitter,same talk all the time. Please move on and adapt as we all do here. People leave,Others come to replace them.


The concern I have with people putting all their eggs in the “next patch” basket is that they’ll probably never be satisfied. This feeling is even more solidified now that I’ve seen people react with longing nostalgia towards Season 2, a game that sometimes felt like it was never liked by its hardcore playerbase at any point.

I have no doubts that patch 3.4 will contain a lot of good chances that the community will like. I also have no doubts that there will be debate over something, or some players will think that the patch went too far (or didn’t go far enough) to correct the things they don’t like with the game. Maybe a character gets overnerfed: there will be talk that the character wasn’t actually that good and people just didn’t know the matchup. Maybe a character that (some think) needs help didn’t get buffed enough: there will be talk that Keits doesn’t listen to the community.

My honest question is, how much of the game has to be fixed before the people LCD refers to are happy again? Is 80% fixed, 20% unfixed okay? Does it have to be 100%? Is 100% even attainable? The list of things I want changed or fixed in the game is probably quite different from Rico’s list, or LCD’s list, or Paul’s list. Whose measure of 100% should we use? If LCD is happy, but Rico isn’t, is the patch a failure or a success?

I like that LCD wants to think positively about the future of KI… that’s great and cool and something we all should do if we like the game. But I’m a little nervous that people are expecting some sort of “perfect patch” to fix a list of problems that even the community can’t settle on. Sure, some things can maybe be agreed on, but definitely far from all, and the solutions proposed by people for some problems definitely don’t align.

My point is, if you expect a “perfect patch”, you’ll always be a little disappointed when that one thing you were really hoping for doesn’t happen (whatever that is, different across people), even though 10 other things you were hoping for did. And then that disappointment just feeds back into the grumpiness towards the game, even though the patch was likely a success and the game is in better shape than it was before. “Of course they’d fix X, Y and Z, those were such obvious changes. How come they didn’t fix A? Do they not get it?” Having faith in the team is great and good, but you have to approach things like this with tempered expectations, because it can turn an all-around good patch into something negative.


You’re completely right Infil. The harsh reality is, you’re never going to please everybody. You simply can’t. The only thing that IG can do is research the fight data and see where one character is excelling maybe a bit too well, or another is lagging a bit too far behind.

For me, any new tools to help my main, Sadira, perform better will be welcomed. While I may not get a huge damage boost, I’ll still be happy with new ways to use her.


That’s why I don’t think people should concern themselves with what other people think. If you like it, great. If you don’t then maybe it’s not for you. If they change something and you already liked it, you may like it even more or you might like it less. If they changed something and you didn’t like it before, the changes may bring you back into the fold or you might stay away.

The point is that you play the game if you enjoy it, and if it falls by the wayside due to poor dev or community support, then at least you enjoyed it while it lasted. If you enjoy it and it continues to grow, then so much the better. However, if it’s succeeding and you’re promoting doom and gloom, you might turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy and sway public opinion to the negative side of things - this is especially true with those of you who actually have some clout in the community, which is why I recommend that you don’t do that.

You’re happy, game succeeds = win-win;
You’re happy, game fails = win-lose;
Not happy, game succeeds = lose-win;
Not happy, game fails = lose-lose.
Public opinion is positive, game can’t fail = win-win
Public opinion is negative, game can fail = lose-lose (regardless of what you personally think)

Why give the community that kind of power where none yet exists? By promoting negativity, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Why do that? Sure, you may not be happy with the game, but that’s why we have a suggestion and feedback subforum - to help make it better! Instead of paying attention to the doom and gloom that others are spouting off, ignore them, and do what you can for what you enjoy, by taking steps to promote the game positively and offering ideas to fix it where you can. If everyone does this (or even a good number/portion of us), then the game will have nothing to worry about, nor will its community.


I avoid all that negative “doom & gloom” garbage. Even though its true that you can’t please everyone, but some folks have crazy expectations that it kinda makes you wonder, are some of the players acting a bunch of ‘vocal minority’ idiots requesting some things that don’t change the game “too much” or never under their own circumstances? Or they simply acting like immature trolls that just want to provoke the game because they can?

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Irregardless, you should only give so much weight to the claims and exertions of those seeking financial profit off the game. More often than not, their motives are self-seeking, not for the interest of the community at large, despite the guise they present them under.

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Here’s my take on this:

I have loved KI ever since the game was released back in 2013. It’s always been my favorite fighter due to its mechanics and unique character designs. I have supported the game through all three seasons, and around Cinder’s release in S2 was where I began really mastering the game, studying frame data, matchups, balance, etc.

And I do think that KI has a lot of things that irritate me as of late. I’m perfectly fine with all of the general mechanics, my problems are more focused around the character designs. I’m happy with about 80% of the cast in terms of movesets and balance, but then there are things like:
-Tusk’s stagger ender not blowing out after repeated uses, forcing tons of guessing
-Thunder’s sammamish having so much utility that it almost completely drives the character’s playstyle
-Arbiter’s character design becoming more about one chance flowchart vortexes rather than controlling neutral
-Eyedol not switching heads often enough for it to be enough of a weakness
-Some of Kim Wu’s moves just not being effective enough for what they are supposed to be

And these are only my personal tastes. Many other players have numerous legitimate dislikes about how the game is right now, and have decided to take a break from the game in hopes that the next patch might alleviate some of their concerns. And that’s perfectly fine.

Here’s what’s not fine in my eyes.

We all know that S2 was getting tons of similar hate throughout its life cycle all the way to the end, and anyone who denies that is lying, plain and simple. Yet I see tons of players saying that they thought S2 was near perfect at the end balance and mechanics wise, with a few outliers here and there. So you would think that it would mean their faith in the developers has been restored, right? That a similar outcome is likely to happen with S3?

Well, learning from mistakes be damned, cause apparently nobody seems to share this mindset.

There just seems to be such a big overflow of pessimism that I haven’t seen since the Sonic Boom gamefaqs board…months before it even released (granted those predictions turned out to be true, but still you get my point). All these same complaints about how the developers hate X character and how they don’t listen to fan feedback even though there has been tons of evidence against that in the past. So they start throwing insults at the developers for not doing exactly what they want, and let me make this clear, nobody likes to take advice from people who insult them. There’s a big difference between expressing your concerns and being a jerk.

If you truly love the game and want it to succeed, you have to be kind and respectful to the people whose job is to make that happen. The devs are more likely to listen to your opinion that way. Spreading negativity, insults and misinformation (why is this “counter breaker doesn’t work” crap still a thing) is only going to hurt the game you love.

Express your concerns constructively and kindly, and #BelieveInKeits.


I don’t know if its simply because I have paid more attention to the player base in this game compared to other fighters in the past or if it is indeed more prone to complaining but I swear since the launch of the game there has been a very vocal minority that complains about something.

In Season 1 it was Sadira loops, Sabrewulf damage, weak auto doubles, weak normals, bunch of other stuff.

Then Season 2 hit and Season 1 became this golden idol that could do no wrong and Season 2 was hot garbage. Maya is broken, Kan Ra is broken, manuals suck now, combos are too long.

Then Season 3 hit and now Season 2 is the golden child. People will never be happy until the next version/iteration/patch comes so they can don the cape of captain hindsight and talk about how much better the previous version was.


Sounds like the Zelda fanbase lol

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Welcome to human nature and nostalgia.


Those seeking financial profit would be the most invested (literally) in long term success of the product. What’s good for the community is good for the game, that’s why Microsoft recently announced that they were funding another Killer Instinct Pro Tour.

Also, just for future reference, irregardless isn’t a word. “Regardless” is usually what you’re looking for.

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And I’m sure from following his twitter feed that your statement is, unfortunately, false.

Hey, sure they are, which is why “many” of them have dropped it.

Also, you are mistaken. Irregardless is a word. Just ask Merriam-Webster, :wink:. It’s suspected etymology is that it was formed from a blend of irrespective and regardless.

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reads the newest webster entry… huh. Non standard and not recommended, but still totally a word. My mistake.

Happens to the best of them.

I believe in everyone involved in the game from a developer stand point, they work hard, whether or not we like 100% or the decisions they make, is trivial in my opinion, the end product is something they should be proud of and I am proud to continue to support… this is the third installment and it is leaps and bounds from day 1, but my faith is in the belief that this is only the beginning, and I’m willing to go along for the ride, hopefully for a very long time…

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just delete the game yo

that way no one has to worry about balance, new characters, or past seasons.

100% perfect solution.