You’re welcome to your opinion, so am I. However, you certainly don’t have any right to tell me what to do or say. Why don’t you cool down, keep your emotions in check, and realize you are worked up over nothing. No one needs you to be their white knight. Keits is an adult and is certainly capable of taking care of himself.

You don’t have to agree with my observations or my opinions, but you don’t get to imply I’m asinine because I have them or expressed them either. Ironically, you’ve issued an insult out of your misunderstanding, when I have not directed an insult or attack at the party of discussion.

Cool it, people! We’re all smart enough to know where this back-and-forth goes, and it’s not good, so let’s just stop it while you’re both ahead of the curve or else the both of you will crash and burn. :blue_car::fire::motorcycle: = :head_bandage:

It most certainly is not. Plenty of people feed off the drama of others, many are celebrities and performers. Simply stating an observation about a person’s behavior does not equate to a personal attack or insult. No amount of you or another party interjecting your own negative connotations changes that.

This isn’t a conversation about what Keits says on Twitter, more about the upcoming update. This is getting off topic and needs to switch to this. Keep your opinions about his implications or motives in an appropriate topic or what have you but there’s little need for them here.

Keep it to this topic or we’re closing up shop.



I didn’t get the memo :slight_smile: if you could get me a copy that would be super :grin:

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I think the people pushing this hashtag are begging for their opinions to be heard and they think it’s a clever way to accomplish that.

What I think #believeinkeits should be is actually trusting him and his massive amount of experience with fighting games and the FGC to make a fun and fairly balanced fighting game. More valuable than any pro player using an excuse as to why their character lost is actually watching the matches. I see Keits working off the clock all of the time watching KI tournament streams, attending the events watching pools and top 8. So rather than complain. Those people who are so passionate should show up or simply sign up for an 8bitbeatdown and represent their character. Put those deficiencies on display, show that you’ve tried your hardest to work through the matchups.

Provide data, infl does a great job of breaking things down. He showed how the timing lockout was off, broke it down. They fixed it. DEClimax provided some great data on one chance break combo damage. These are useful tools for making changes happen. Show examples, provide data, break things down instead of whining that TJ can’t anti-air (Even though he can) or Fulgore is OP because NIcky wins too much with him (Despite always being the ONLY Fulgore in top 8).

When Eyedol came out my brother who I often play with and beat, was wiping the floor with me. And I thought to myself “WTF this character is nuts!”. But rather than come her or go to twitter whining about him I said “You know what either I’m doing something wrong, or they’ll fix it”. And to me that’s actually believing in IG/Keits.

I’ve seen games fail when changes are made for those who cry loudest, it’s tragic. At the end of the day we don’t always know what’s best for us. I’m thankful we have a Dev who listens but doesn’t just cater to those who are loudest.

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if such a memo was issued id like a copy as well. that said, i am still looking forward to the patch notes. i know they wont be perfect, but currently i do not have very many gripes about the game’s balance at present, so hopefully what i dislike will be addressed other than eyedol being busted lol (like arbiter’s never ending perpetual grenade flow chart of doom)

One additional point in regards to my last post. I spoke about Keits lurking in streams and following the top KI matches. He used to interact with the stream and it really pisses me off that we blew that opportunity by acting like a bunch of children because his interaction was great. Being so intimately familiar with the games mechanics he was often able to break things down and explain why certain interactions happened the way they did. We lost that and that’s truly unfortunate.

THANK YOU, that’s precisely why I asked the question in the first place, because I saw believe in keits and I was about to go yea, yes of course I believe in keits, and I accept wherever we go from here as a KI community, but then the comments surrounding it didn’t seem to match what I thought was an honest vote of confidence…

I’m in there somewhere also, do you know before this year I didn’t even realize EVO was an Orlando event, and I live in that area, I’m going to try to be there every year now just for KI

EVO was in Texas this year. It’s CEO that’s in Orlando. :wink:

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yea thank you, that one lol, I never really pay to much attention to tournaments because I know i’ll probably will never be able to attend or compete, but then I say CEO is an Orlando event, and I felt good

Well it was fun when I went earlier this year. :slight_smile:

BTW, get rid of that negative attitude - it won’t do you any good or get you anwhere… :wink:

I think we should just close up shop @FinchoMatic, I created the post to find out the true meaning of the hashtag, and it’s creator already cleared that up, sooo I see no need for any of us to continue…

I believe in Keits but I don’t support #BelieveInKeits or at least some of the ideals behind it

Me? I don’t have a negative attitude… I am 100% supportive of the game, the devs, the players and the community, that’s why I asked the question in the first place, to verify exactly what the hash tag stood for… but my comments so far have been to defend the “casuals” or all players and opinions for that matter, just that the whole only the Pros know thing doesn’t fly with me, so I just had to touch on that topic…

I honestly am here to share, learn, and interact with other people that are obviously ad fond of the game as I am

so sincere apologies if I sometimes come off aggressive, never my intention to ridicule or disrespect

You misunderstand - I was referring to your “I’ll never be able to attend/compete” attitude. I wasn’t saying you were being a jerk or anything…

oh lol, that happened on my last post so I thought I did it again, no but me attending etc is difficult but I’ll be at CEO, hope to meet you guys every year

Alright @IAMDaaahhhggg. Per your request.

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