Beginner tips to using this one

I cant open anyone up dont get anything about this guy

@GalacticGeek can help. He isn’t mix up based. He is more defensive. Punish. Then rechunk up. He is a wall. He can also place walls for a threat.

I never used a character this complicated

I’m not the best Aganos, but from what I understand fighting with and against him he’s definitely one of the most momentum dependent characters in the game.
If he has chunks and he’s happy with his spacing, he’s one of the most downright oppressive characters in the entire cast. He’s also really good at really hard punishes thanks to his huge range and the almighty Shadow Ruin.
However, since he’s such a huge target and he’s not going to be winning any races, an Aganos without armor is usually in big trouble. He has options for making a comeback (he can swing entire life bars in a single strike with the right set-up) but he’s got to play smart if he wants to regain composure.

If opening people up seems to be your issue, my suggestion would be: don’t. Use your time to keep the enemy at bay and get yourself some chunks, then set up some walls and wait for a mistake. Even sending them through a single wall will deal about 30% unbreakable damage.

If you really wanna try and mess with people though, he’s actually got a slow but deceptively potent high-low mix-up. His Crouching HK creates a shockwave that can knock the opponent down, and close MP hits overhead pretty quick. The Down HK is the much more potent tool, though. The second hit can often catch people off guard.

You can also capitalize on jump-ins with Shadow Roll, since it recaptures for a combo.

I’m sure there’s more actual Aganos mains like @GalacticGeek or @CStyles45 could tell you, but these might be good things to try out.

I spent over 30 minutes today writing up a reply in a PM to @Dism3mbermenT regarding these very tactics and more, but scrapped the whole thing because I decided that I’d rather SHOW him how to actually do the stuff instead - that way it’ll stick. However, I’m still waiting for him to tell me when he’s available to do just that…

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@Dism3mbermenT Definitely try to tell @GalacticGeek your availability. Also watch this guy’s (@reeeek20) youtube videos. Here’s one of them -

Watch, imitate, adjust/adapt to your playstyle. Enjoy! Roughly every week this guy posts a new video full of Aganos vs entire cast matchup. I generally just type in “aganos” in youtube, and use the youtube filter to sort by “upload date”. Here’s his youtube channel -

I recommend watching his videos so you can see, rewind, and rewatch, the different offensive and defensive tactics Aganos has vs the rest of the cast.

That Reek video is pretty insightful. The Sadira rage quit in the second match made me spit coffee all over my room. She has to be favored in that matchup like 7-3 or something, right?

You guys keep sharing all this good advice/videos with him, I’m not going to have much left to show him, when he finally gets around to hanging with me! :unamused:

:slight_smile: It’s all love for the rockman!

All of these tier list these days are NOT doing him justice! I’m team Aganos all day!

Me, you, or somebody, anybody has got to represent Aganos either in online or offline tournaments more often! Therefore we need as many Aganos players as possible! :smiley:

Zergkiller, arguably the top performing Aganos as far as tournaments, is amazing but he also plays a ton of characters (I don’t blame him for that, btw, as s3 has 26 of the most fun and diverse characters in a fighting game!). Other Aggy players that people can see on video (youtube or streams) every once in a while: @LeoFerreis, @FinchoMatic, @LetalisVenator, @CStyles45, and MisterJ. This is great, but I’d love to see more of us in Top 8 streams if possible! :slight_smile:

I, personally, only will make a few tournaments online and basically a few offline tournaments located in Texas. And even if I do go, I’m not necessarily reppin’ Aganos well myself. I do what I can with the time I can allow, but I have a lot to learn/practice/experience to be competitive.)

Anyways, as a fellow teacher (music), you know there’s nothing like hands on experience! :smiley: I’m sure you’ll have lots to show!

Glatic i got some time eight2 now tbh haven’t played much of the rock since i pmd you

Aganos is also one of my favorite characters. I will tell you that many elements of him are not intuitive. The only sure fire way to get better is PLAY HIM A LOT. that’s what I did for months until I got good with him.

Say what? Have you not seen what I can do with those elements!?

All I’m saying is that it is NOT EASY to learn Aganos. By “not intuitive” I mean difficult to learn.

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[quote=“Crainiak24, post:13, topic:13192”]
By “not intuitive” I mean difficult to learn.
[/quote]Ah, I see what you mean.

I approached learning him from a pragmatic and analytical standpoint and broke him down into various chunks.

I asked myself:
What kind of hits can he take with his chunk armor?
So, I tried him against different characters’ various attacks and found out.

I asked myself:
When does he have an opportunity to chunk up and/or set up walls?
So, I tried to do those things while my opponent wasn’t able to attack me.

I asked myself:
How do I get proper spacing with him?
So, I learned about which attacks move his opponent, on hit and/or on block, and where those attacks move them to.

I asked myself:
How do I open people up for a combo?
So, I learned which attacks hit low or that hit overhead and how to mix those up.

I asked myself:
How can I keep people out of my face or from getting behind me?
So, I learned about his anti-air options.

I asked myself:
How can I trap my opponents?
So, I learned about his corner pressure.

I asked myself:
How can I best use instinct?
So, I learned how NOT to throw the peacemaker.

I asked myself:
How do I deal with zoners?
So, I learned about his anti-projectile/anti-teleport options.

I asked myself:
How can I best use my projectile options?
So, I learned about how to unload.

I asked myself:
How can I apply pressure?
So, I started poking around.

I asked myself:
How can I maximize his damage?
It was there that I hit a few walls. :slight_smile:

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