Been playing PC version - won't be returning to XBox One

I can run the PC version at 1080p, (although not at maximum settings) and you can see the difference. The menus generally run smoother, but I’m going to keep playing on my X1 because I like my setup there better for sitting and playing games. I think it should be non-controversial that if you have powerful enough hardware to run the game with higher resolution then you will have a smoother experience on PC.

The load times matter a lot more when you are grinding single player than when playing online, since you would be waiting for online matchups anyway.

I have a machine that is about a year old and it runs the game not on highest settings, but at 1080p with a score of 1005. I can’t tell you exactly what it cost because I was also buying monitors etc. but we’re talking about $800-$1000, so I think the OP’s estimates are probably a little low since his machine performs better than mine. If you want a machine to play KI on, Xbox is still probably the best value since the graphical differences are identifiable but not significant beyond resolution and the load times on Xbox are not atrocious. If you have enough reason to get or upgrade your PC, though, and you are comfortable playing the game on it, then it should be a great way to experience the game.

Probably my config.
Intel Core I5
GTX 980 TI

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That’s pretty slick.

PS. Gotta love Rash’s character select intro!

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Nice Rig:-)
Could be the 16GB ram vs 5Gb on XB1 which speeds up the load times.
And that sweet 980 helps;-)

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For the people that want indicators on which platform their opponent is using: if you’re on pc and finish loading a stage but have to wait for your opponent to finish loading, then your opponent is on xbox.

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I have a gaming laptop and I’m running KI PC on highest settings 1080p flawlessly. For me it’s a no brainer the differences graphically and performance wise are night and day. My xbox is back to being a netflix media center as I doubt I’ll play much KI on it anymore.

I’m in the same boat, my PC isn’t even that great (barely passes on the lowest settings) but the load time improvements (and not having my cursor lag on character select) makes the XBox version obsolete.

They need to improve the load times on XB1, I’ve got my KI installed in my external drive which I’m guessing helps a little bit compared to the internal drive.

I had my game (on the XB1) crash twice yesterday for some reason. Once during a Shadow Survival run load the screen went black, made a funny noise and took me to the XB1 home screen, then sometime later the same exact thing happened except no black screen or funny noise, just took me straight to XB1 home where I had to relaunch the game. Not sure why this happened, and right in the middle of 4 good survival runs too lol


load time would be better from an external drive almost without question (as you stated). The Xbox One internal drive uses SATA2 for data transfer, and is a 5400 RPM drive.

External drives over USB3 can actually work faster than the internal drive because of SATA2.

My guess is another reason PC sees better performance on internal drives, SSD or standard, is they are using SATA3 (or even better, PCIe M2… drool )

SATA2 speed is 300 MB/s transfer speed. USB 3.0 is up to 625 MB/s.

Not sure I can link, but this does a good job explaining why you would want external over internal.

Hey BigBadAndy.

So if you want to play on the highest settings, and are willing to spend a little more money, you could make your machine run the game at full quality, guaranteed. You can pick up an R7 370 video card, which is pretty much on par with the R9 270 I have, for about $170. I’ve seen them on sale for lower, but that’s about the price.

I didn’t include monitors. In theory, if you have a TV nearby with HDMI, you could plug your PC into that. My desktop sits fairly close to my main XB1 setup, and I plan on plugging HDMI into that screen so I can sit on the couch and play, pretending I’m on my XB1. As soon as the TE2 stick works on PC, I’m making this happen.

To be fair, I am, by absolutely no means, recommending people purchase a PC just for KI. I was just stating that, for me, I’ve seen the light. I’ll still by XB1 games (my 70 yr old dad plays, and I love playing w/ him, and that’s all he can afford), but for KI, I just can’t bring myself to go back to the XB1. Loved KI on XB1, but now that I don’t have to deal with the load times, and get better quality graphics, I’m not going back.

But that’s me.

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Thanks for that. I am currently running a NVIDIA GTX 750, and computers being what they are I am constantly thinking about upgrading. The last time I switched from an NVIDIA card to an AMD card was around 1999, and it was a bit of a hassle so I am irrationally reluctant to do that, but I will check out the card.

My PC is a mid tier gaming rig set up in my office that I built last Christmas as a fun project because I was tired of cheap laptops and I wanted to see how things had changed in the ten or so years since I was really a PC gaming enthusiast. I need it in the office for general use. I play KI there, on my couch and on my ghetto arcade setup:!2142&authkey=!AIravLxPtyWZoe8&v=3&ithint=photo%2Cjpg

I was agonizing over whether to build a PC to support this setup, move/upgrade my existing PC and replace it with a cheaper one, get another Xbox or just continue to play older games here on my 360. For a lot of reasons, including the recent flood of backward compatible fighters from 360 showing up on X1, I took advantage of the recent price drop and got a second X1. It cost somewhere between the GTX 970 and 980 video cards I would have liked (and that’s without the rest of the computer) and it is just simple to drop it in there. That’s a really personal choice and certainly there’s lots of different scenarios where PC is the way to go.

Not to go all fanboy, but the fact that I have any choice at all is really a cool part of what MS is doing with KI and with other games.

If you want to improve load times on the Xbox One version use a 7200rpm external drive like a Touro Pro. Makes a big difference.

What are these exactly? I get the “checking for downloadable content” message every time I start the game up and it takes a long ■■■ time to get through it (around 20 secs). Is this a bug or this is how it’s supposed to work?

I exclusively play fighting games on PC to avoid the long loading times and KI is no different. Takes like 3 seconds for me to load the characters and stage! Amazing :slight_smile:

No that’s normal operation. The bug is where it hangs forever. The DLC bug refers to the situation where you make it into the game but all or part of the content you own is not accessible. This latter has been fixed for many, although not all, users. If you haven’t had these problems then you don’t need to worry about them.

The server check is part of the way MS deals with IP protection and is essentially DRM. It’s aggravating that it takes so long and through ther history of the game there have been a TON of bugs related to this. Without going on a rant, I’m a huge supporter of IP protection and anti-piracy measures but it sure would be nice to see them implement something that isn’t so jacked up.

Yep and what’s even stranger is that sometimes an Xbox logo comes up at startup with the message that it’s apparently “synchronizing”. I don’t have an Xbox so that’s absolutely worhtless to me, it would be nice to turn it off instead of “synchronizing” data with my non-existent Xbox One.

That’s just a representation of MS’s game servers - so it’s not so much X1 as your Microsoft account. But in any case I agree it’s aggravating. These save files are KB in size but it takes a long time to sync them.

I try to be charitable because I really do appreciate the ability to play on multiple consoles and across PC. But you spend a lot of time waiting to play the game…

wow!! that is impressive!!

I hope most people migrate to PC simply because on PC there is no loading time I have an SSD so my stages load instant. When I play cross play with xbox one users I have to wait 5 to 6 seconds for the xbox player to load the stage. If I play against a PC user it loads in a split second like there is no load time.