Been playing PC version - won't be returning to XBox One

I downloaded the Win 10 build of KI S3, expecting similar performance to the Xbox One (I know, I know, PC Master Race).

Instead, what I got was something that, once I got beyond the DLC and download bug, is fast to start, quick to get into a match, and looks quite stunning. It does crash every so often for seemingly no reason, but since I haven’t played online matches in literally 18 months, I’m not worried about my reputation being ruined because the game crashed mid-match and it thought I rage quit.

I am not running a 144 KHz monitor, so I don’t have those issues. I’m only running at 1080p, but have all detail options at their highest. My PC was able to handle this with a score of 1200. Comparing to the same images from the Xbox One, the PC version just has a lot better visual appeal.

And holy poot! Survival matches used to take about an 90 minutes to get through 25 matches because load time between fights were so dang slow. Now I can do 25 in about 60 minutes or less. I credit this to installing the game on my SSD instead of putting it on an external drive (can we even easily move the game to a different drive on install anyway?).

Still won’t get into online matches, will continue playing with my brother from time to time locally, and rarely over Live, but I don’t think I’m going back to the Xbox One version. I’ve been spoiled.

Once the Xbox One TE2 stick can be used, instead of my older Xbox 360 RAP KAI, I’ll certainly never think twice about firing up the PC for some rounds.

There are definitely improvements to be made, but for me, the load time and graphical fidelity cinches it - I’m ruined and not going back to Xbox One.

at first i thought load times wouldn’t really be a thing, but now that I think about it, they should be loading from the disk every 3 minutes or so (avg match length?) which adds up big time in an hours long play session. I’m gonna have to make getting an ssd more of priority.

and download the game all over again one day ><

I guess this makes ram speeds a thing too, though I did upgrade that beforehand.

Matches load in about 2 to 3 seconds for me now, though. how fast do they load for you?

Any chance you can up load some screenshots or YouTube video to show me the massive difference in graphical fidelity and performance please and can you list the price range of your PC.

Cool!. Enjoy your occasional crashes. :slight_smile: jk

I’ll time both on Xbox One and on my PC tonight when I’m back home.

Generally between matches would be in the 3-5 second range - it’s quick. Not sure if you’re already getting 2-3 second loads, an SSD will do much more for you than that. Definitely better than the Xbox One.

I’ll have to figure out how to do video capture from my machine. Never done it.

My PC is now 3 years old. I bought it with 8 GB RAM, upgraded to 12 GB, and it’s DDR3 memory. It’s 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 (they are up to 6th gen now). I bought it with an Nvidia video card, but migrated to an AMD R9 270 because the Nvidia was pooh.

I paid $845 for the PC when I bought it new. I paid ~$150 for the video card, so roughly $1000 PC. If you build something similar today, you’re probably looking at in the $600 range. I just saw Woot is selling the XPS 8900 today for prices ranging from $560 - $1300. Getting a machine that would be in the same class as what I bought, when I bought it, would probably still be $1000.

lol I definitely will. Even with the crashes and having to restart, I’m still saving a ton of between match time. :wink:

Not a bad price still roughly 3X the price of the XB1 so I take it looks 3X better. (ie)resolution/frames/fidelity.
Try and upload a YouTube video because it will be good to see the difference for myself.

If it is smoother on PC, I may migrate too. The S3 got rougher than I expect.

  • Longer ‘checking content online’
  • Less responsive UI
  • More hangs between UI screens
  • Lots of frame dips on character screen
  • Longer loading
  • Unfinished texture loading on VS screen

Not 3 times better… it’s still the settings that the Xbox has turned on that is there on the PC… the only REAL difference is the resolution bump from 900p to 1080p… it’s visible, but not 3 times better…
Frames also won’t change at all, as fighting games are tied to 60fps for framedata reasons, so that’s not changed either.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definatly pro-PC, but you shouldn’t get one based on not being rightly informed :slight_smile:

The loading times are definitly amazing on PC, and the small resolution bump helps the eyes enjoy themselfes some more.

I would totally put all this in a feedback thread to IG. It’s all true.

Checking for Downloadable Content is also slow as hell on PC… as usual, not as much, but it IS slow.

and unfinished texture loading isn’t anything I’ve heard of anywhere, but if it’s there, I don’t see why it should be gone on PC…

Not trying to talk you out of it… just don’t want you to be disappointed :slight_smile:

The load times are definitely better. I dont have it installed on my SSD. I use my SSD just for my os. The other thing I noticed is the UI is more fluid on pc season 3 wise.

The loading times for me would make the biggest difference, that by itself is worth more than a slight resolution increase.
But correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Killer instinct on XB1 now 1080p since season 3,I remember they said in a stream leading up to the launch of S3.

Won’t put my head on the block, but I would say no… I haven’t heard any such thing.
Pretty sure our graphics upgrade this time was only the dynamic lighting… but god it does a difference… better that than 1080p in my oppionion…

Now we just need good hair and this game is perfect graphics for me…
Lionhead Studios could make AWESOME hair in 2005 for Black & White 2… then IG should be able to 11 years later.
Although, I still think B&W2 has some of the best hair in any game, so guess it’s harder than it seems. Was just so amazed back then on how little the game actually demanded with all that hair and foilage being calculated and rendered like that :slight_smile:


True the fair movement does need to be improved but it still looks cool.
Yes I can remember they said in a stream about the resolution and he said 1080p and they were playing the XB1 version at the time,maybe they were playing PC but if they were why play at 1080p why not 4K considering the PC’s they would be using would be very high end I would imagine!
Maybe someone from IG can confirm this.

Loading characters, watch all video to you see loading game.


thanks for the video,the loading times are much better that part is obvious so would a SSD drive for the XB1 improve this.

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GODDAMN! This is beauty, not even close to the jankiness Xbox version is.

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Ps: I haven’t SSD, it is a simple Sata 2 HD.

Oh right so why is the loading times faster.

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